Returning: Scrapheap Challenge

One of ABC2’s most popular shows, Scrapheap Challenge, returns next month.

The engineering game show sees teams of contestants create a working machine from whatever they find in junkyards. They have juust 10 hours to complete a task.

The have included making a jet car, a bridging machine, a car-crusher, and a machine to fling a British Leyland Mini as far as possible.

It’s back 6:35pm Monday February 9th on ABC2.


  1. Can anyone tell me what series of Scrapheap started last night (May18th)? Is there a new one starting this year, if so, when? I think last night must be an old one.

  2. I’m desperate to see the new episode filmed at Blair Atholl Horse Trials, August 2008 – I was there with my kids and we’re all on the set! We were told it would be on tv in the Spring. Dick Strawbridge was a hoot…we all got doused in Champagne

  3. Conel Dick Strawbridge will be the new host, and word is the format of the show will change. serious 10 is one of the best series, and it is such a shame david is leaving as i feel he makes that show. i am a major scrapheap and time team fan good on ABC+ ABC2 for running these great shows

  4. ETA – according to the ABC2 online guide Feb 9 will see the new season, 5 times a week, my guess is once run they will go back to re-run part of all of the previous seasons. I’m hoping for S4 as I missed a few in that one.

  5. S10 has the same host and is much the same as it has been for the last few season.

    Next season (S11) which is yet to be made/aired in the UK may have a new host, a former contestant but I can’t remember who at this time.

    Doesn’t anyone else here get PayTV and the How To Channel?

  6. Hallelujah! I’ve been waiting for this show to return. But I have heard that the show has changed in the new season and there’s a new host? I hope this doesn’t have a negative effect on the show.

  7. Craig: You’re right. For some reason I thought only the first 8 seasons aired on ABC2. Checking an episode guide I’ve definitely seen season 9 as well. Hopefully ABC2 will jump straight into season 10.

  8. Yay I’ve been waiting for this, I’ve caught most of the latest season on the How To Channel (Thursdays at 9:40pm) but missed the first ep of S10.

    David do we know if they are kicking off with S10 or where they left off in the earlier seasons?

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