Cast line up for NCIS spinoff

While Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J look likely to appear in an NCIS spin-off, three other actors have been cast.

odonnellThere is more news on the NCIS spinoff with movement in the casting department.

Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J. are in negotiations as the two male leads.

Meanwhile actors Louise Lombard (CSI) Peter Cambor (Notes From the Underbelly) and Daniela Ruah have been cast in an episode of NCIS later this year as a springboard for the new series.

Lombard will play Clara, a former major in the military police. Believed to be the female lead on the ensemble drama, Clara is described as an intelligent, sharp investigator who can look after herself. She played Detective Sofia Curtis on CSI for three years.

Cambor will play the quick-witted Nate, the team’s conscience and beating heart. Nate is an operational psychologist and “a walking encyclopedia of American culture.” Ruah will play Kensi, a super bright young investigator who studied forensics and criminology in college.

NCIS, which is arguably TEN’s most dependable drama, started life as an episode of JAG.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I couldn’t stand JAG. NCIS however, is the best crime show out there. The actors just do it for me… best acting ever. Not sure bout this spin off.

    So will NCIS still continue to make new episodes even though this new show is starting???

  2. Lisa Bonet starred in a short-lived spin off of The Cosby Show, but I forget what it was called.

    And ten bought the rights to Torchwood after ABC passed onit. Obviously didn’t feel it fit their demographic in the same way Dr Who does.

  3. I know Cheers had Frasier as a spin off. I googled (ie cheated!) and found another spin off for Cheers called The Tortellis which I vaguely recall and only ran for a few months.

    Anyway looking forward to this as NCIS is one of my fave shows. I think the analogy to CSI:Miami is pretty accurate..not as good but still worth watching.

    Oh and Louise Lombard was good in CSI a good casting choice IMO.

  4. @ Redbully. ten will have the rights to the spin off as there current deal with CBS Paramout (who produces NCIS and will be doin the spinoff) is still curent.

    @ Rciho TB & dont have Cleveland cos they no longer have access to fox shows, 10 do now. There deal expired in 07 and ten paid up and won the deal. If 7 had won the deal back, lie to me would be on 7 (just a strange little fact).

    I personally cant wait. NCIS is my favourite US drama and hopefully the spin off is good. Im not expecting it to be better or as good, but maybe like CSI:Miami, not as good as CSI, but still a good show in its own right. Hopefully ten and turn this into a mega hit

  5. @redbullboy: You’d think so but it might not be the case, e.g. Ten has the rights to Cleveland, a spinoff of Family Guy which is a Seven show, and also the rights to Torchwood, when Dr Who aired on ABC for years. It’d most likely be on Ten though

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