ONE to launch March 26

TEN will launch ONE, its 24 hour high definition sports channel, on March 26th.

onehd-logo2Network TEN has announced its 24-hour sports channel, ONE, will launch on Thursday 26 March 2009 at 7.30pm.

TEN says the opening weekend will include:
AFL‘s much anticipated first-round showdown between Richmond and Carlton will be the first sporting event to air on ONE in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, with the match to be broadcast simultaneously on ONE and TEN.
• Also on 26 March, ONE will broadcast an exclusive Swimming Australia SKINS event showcasing the Australian Swimming Team and international stars, including Olympic gold medallists Oussama Mellouli and Therese Alshammar. The SKINS event will be shown first in the Sydney and Brisbane markets, with coverage in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth following the AFL.
• Then, ONE will feature live and extended coverage of the Formula 1 ING Australian Grand Prix over the
launch weekend with more than 22 hours of action across Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Full details of the schedule for ONE will be announced closer to launch. TEN also promises:
• Extended versions of the ‘must-watch’ show for sports fans, Sports Tonight.
• More extensive coverage of domestic and international sport than ever seen before on Australian free-to-air television, including AFL, motor sport (Formula 1, Moto GP, NASCAR), netball, cricket, swimming, golf, NFL, NBA Major League Baseball, NCAA College Basketball and Football, and others.
• New, locally produced shows.

Network TEN’s General manager of sport, David White, said “We know our opening weekend will give viewers a sensational introduction to ONE, and mark the beginning of a lifetime’s habit of essential sports viewing.”

This means March 26 is also the date that TEN’s other programming will no longer be available in high definition.

ONE will broadcast from 26 March 2009 in High Definition (HD) on Channel 1 and also in Standard Definition (SD) on Channel 12.

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  1. What kind of coverage do you call that of the IPL ? Sunday night (26/04) sat down to watch, but all I got was commercial after commercial; sometimes just as the bowler was releasing the ball. Come on, 1HD, do it right or give it away – concentrate on chess, or croquet or some other fast-moving game. For God’s sake, give Twenty20 decent coverage !

  2. I live in sheppatron and very unhappy when i could not see all netball games from the first round due to us not recieving 10 one on the date prommised. I think that it is very poor that country vic miss out again they take the netball away from fox sport so we can see every game only to be disapointed once again.
    I Don;t think that tis is fair just because we don’t live in a city that we should miss out on everything.

  3. I happen to go into the goodguys here locally today, Tuesday, and the staff member said it will not be starting for another month or so in this area, Gippsland, if that is any help to you mate?

  4. I live in rural Victoria
    I have been trying to tune the new channel one itto my set top box

    Southern Cross 10 is the affiliated companion of channel ten
    Am i to beleive that the new channel one can not be picked up using my set top box until later in 2009.


  5. Started in bris last night, all the ad’s all the hype the biggest news story of the day was the AFL and what do we get the %$#^&&^%^ swimming.typical of these media scammers.Tonight 1hd menu shows AFL at 6.30pm and guess what a %^&$#%^ replay of tigers & carlton.Last night channel 10 & 1hd telecast the afl at 11.15pm consecutive.Don’t hold your breath aussies until some competition comes into play.They’re all full of $#@%.Just like gov/big business, honestly us aussies are soooooo thick I feel ashamed that we let these imbeciles get away with it

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but Ive just moved to Sydney and it seems there is no way to watch the massive opening AFC clash tonight live even if i have Pay TV?? Even One has delayed it for the skins. How will I cope this season?!? 🙂


  7. College sports are much better,more passion in the games, especially in the basketball where the ranking are so crucial and they aren’t playing 82 games a season.

    Go sport!

  8. David, you might want to put this on a new story page. Apparently, when I called ten to find out why 1hd is replacing 10hd… they said that all their ten hd exclusives were only bought for one or two seasons, because they knew they’d be switching to sport anyway so didn’t want to waste their money (their words, not mine)…. call them to find out more if you want. oh and they said freeview even though it’s launching this year, won’t be fully developed for at least 2 more years… here’s one customer who’s sticking with foxtel thanks…

  9. I think the sport channel will work. Im sure Ten have done alot of market research, they really cannot afford for this to fail at the moment,
    I do however, think that eventually, the HD channel might end up being a mix of HD content from 10 and HD sport from the sport channel, which I think is the best option.

    And everyone complaining that primetime sport is shown on all three channels, the take uo if digital TV is sooo not high enough for them to not broadcast AFL on Ten as well as ONE HD & SD.

    Imagine the fuss if people without digital TV missed out on the footy.

    Are there any plans to increase the bandwidth so they can broadcast more, or in higher quality. What does this involve? Purchasing extra satillite space?
    And all this ciming from a person who watched no sport what-so-ever.

  10. I think there is a lot of hype around free view however any extra programing we get in Australia is a good thing.

    So lets thank our lucky stars its started to happen.

    As for all the people concerned about watching SD on there TV would you prefer analogue. Don”t forget you have to crawl before you can walk.

  11. Todd, maybe you could keep these selfish comments to yourself. No one cares about your big LCD. There are people who want to watch sports. You think Ten didn’t do market research beforehand to gauge the potential viability of such a landmark move?

  12. It’s disappointing that Ten are using their HD channel exclusive for One HD. Like others, I think I hybrid channel would be good. For those complaining about the ’15’ freeview channels, as David said, it’s all marketing. Don’t forget that ABC and SBS are likely to have new channels coming out this year .

    Anyway, I have two questions (that don’t seem to have been answered yet)

    1) Is there one feed for all of Australia or does each state have it’s own version of One?
    2) Are not AEDT states going to get a live feed, or will it be delayed for their time zone?

  13. As I said back when this decision was announced – Ten can go to hell with their stupid 24/7 sports channel! Not showing any 10 shows (Idol, Dance, drama shows, etc) in HD anymore is a disgrace – especially when I’ve got a massive LCD sitting at home, on which 10 SD looks horrendous!! I’m so pissed off about this!

  14. Although there’s a lot to criticise Ten about in their decision to dump TenHD and introduce ONEHD and OneSD. But when you honestly think about it, Ten is by far the best out of the 3 commercial networks. They were the first to set up a quality HD channel (which sadly only lasted a year) and they are the first on board to introduce a multi-channel. OneHD sport, although not my biggest interest in the world, is still pretty good when compared to 7 and nine, who don’t even have plans for a 2nd channel so far.

    In short, it’s 7 and 9 that we should be annoyed at, not Ten, seriously.

  15. I think it is a good move.

    It means people don’t have to subscribe to pay tv to watch relatively low rating sports. Getting a free sports channel is a big benefit for viewers.

    It is a gutsy move and I hope it succeeds for them.

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