Returning: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade

matthew-mitchamOlympic gold medallist diver Matthew Mitcham will lead the 2009 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade which has a pay per view screening on Main Event on Saturday, March 7, from 7.30pm AEDT.

The three hour extravaganza will be hosted by Charlotte Dawson and Alex Perry with commentator Julie McCrossin, who was a participant in the 1978 Oxford Street police protest which led to the event becoming an annual, and celebratory event. Comedienne Pam Ann and other guests will also appear.

The parade has previously screened on Foxtel, ABC and TEN, including years in between when it hasn’t aired on any network.

“Chief of Parade” Mitcham said: “It’s a real honour to be asked to lead the Parade. Mardi Gras has an illustrious history and I’m really proud to now be part of that. There is such a huge buzz in the city on Parade night and it really does bring the whole city together. I am really excited to be right in the middle of the action.”

Foxtel’s Brian Walsh said: “The Mardi Gras parade is a glittering and spectacular event which celebrates Australia’s diversity and unique lifestyle. I am delighted to be able to provide Foxtel and Austar subscribers with a front row seat to the country’s most famous street parade so they can watch it with the world.”

Screenings costs $24.95 and are available to Foxtel, Austar and Optus residential subscribers via


  1. LOL!! thats why i dont have Pay TV!! Who wants to Pay to watch bloody commercials while u watch Pay TV! U get em freeon FTA channels LOL. Typical foxtel, did u expect anything else from these money hungry a***holes? Bring back the FTA broadcasts 🙂
    Great 2 see Matthew heading the parade! Yay, Go Matty 🙂

  2. C’mon Foxtel! You’d make more money in the long run by making this one of your flagship broadcasts on a basic package channel.

    Lots of people would have Foxtel connected if they knew they could watch the parade every year.

  3. They should have aimed for as wide an audience as possible on free to air.

    Historically they had to fight to stage a march. And then there was controversy when it was first shown on free to air.

    And now it can only be watched on pay per view for $25 like some obscure boxing match,

  4. couldnt agree more… this is a community event and foxtel should not be charging $25 to watch it…it’s typical greedy money hungry executive pigs trying to cash in on the pink dollar. I remember being a closeted kid and the only way to enjoy a bit of gay entertainment without anyone knowing was to – wait for it- GCODE my VCR to record it for me.. Foxtel should be ashamed of themselves, they have a gay themed network in Arena and this should be played there…can you tell im angry, if i look hard enough, im sure i’ll be able to find some ridiculously cheap air fare tix that are less than the $25 foxtel are asking…

  5. Wondering if the parade will be replayed either on Foxtel for free at a later date or on FTA like ch 10 used to do years ago (usually on the Monday night following the parade).

  6. Yeah good on Matt – a true ambassador and athlete that lets his ability speak for itself, rather than our other scandal-prone media-hungry sports starlets (Rice, Warne, Carney, Symonds and co)…

    Foxtel is daylight robbery at the best of times, and this is now beyond brazen…

    Enjoy the parade in Sydney and give Foxtel the finger.

  7. Yah for Mat!!!
    What a pain that it is on Foxtel!
    Why was Mat not awarded a medal from the Prime Minister in the Australia Day honours???? He did more for us in the Olympics than some of those other little known sports people who won …

  8. A free parade, and they are charging customers? I can understand Boxing, WWE, Music events etc. They cost money to go to, so fans pay to get in their. But paying for a parade?

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