Underbelly 3 targets corrupt cops

underbellybrummerA third series of Underbelly is already on the drawing boards for Channel Nine and Screentime.

The third outing will explore the corruption of the NSW and Victorian police forces throughout the 1980s and the clean up job that started in the early ’90s.

“It’s a no-brainer to go again and have Underbelly 3 on Channel Nine as soon as possible,” Gyngell said.

He even alluded to the show being on air this year.

This year the ABC will also produce a documentary on police corruption by the authors of Leadbelly, John Silvester and Andrew Rule, whose book led to the Nine series.

NSW Police were the subject of the ABC’s acclaimed Blue Murder series, which like Nine’s drama, was banned in its home state. Yet Victorian police corruption did not emerge until some time after their northern counterparts.

The Nine drama, which premieres Monday week, has also been criticised today by Jonty Bush, the Young Australian of the Year. As chief executive officer of Queensland’s Homicide Victims Support Group, she said, “I find it interesting we would never sensationalise victims of other crimes, such as assaults or child sexual crimes.

“Everyone appreciates the severity of the impact of that on those victims.

“Yet when it comes to homicide we have a number of TV shows at the moment that I believe do glamorise murder and perhaps the underworld influence on violence.”

Source: Sunday Telegraph, Courier Mail


  1. If they want to target corrupt NSW cops why not do Underbelly 4 in Northern NSW. Nimbin still the capital. Local commanders in cahoots. Foot soldiers lying to public. And on it goes.

  2. I think this series has the potential to be the best of the three. The story of Kim Hollingsworth is incredible; exciting and dauniting, unimaginable and yet frighteningly realistic. I think her story is going to make this series the most memorable series ever on Australian Television.

  3. I live in Malaysia and have seen Underbelly 1 and 2. The problem is we stay up all night and get through them far to quickly!!!! We are looking forward to a season 3. TV has never been so good. It has been a long time since a decent well acted drama has hit our screens. Well done to all those involved, it’s got us utterly hooked!

  4. Totally agree with Jed. The script formula for the 1st series proved a success (2 sex scenes, nudity, a few murders per episode/ + a little heart). Now it’s become all too predictable, even though the storylines are different – the episode structure’s still the same. Basically, they are milking what has proven to work. Some viewers are maybe beginning to get tired of it’s overused formula.

  5. I enjoy the underbelly series all the way from Holland
    I find the series very good.great actors end amazing persons like (chris flannery alphonse and benji)the series
    i am a fan of the aussie crime stories because they are all remarkeble
    good job Down Under cant wait for the episodes to come

    Greetz From holland

  6. Having watched both Underbelly Series here in the USA I can only applaud the actors, writers, production and direction of these remarkable works. Unbelievably well cast, the actors pulled off some highly believable characterizations making the viewer sometimes think he was watching a documentary rather than a TV production. I personally rate the Underbelly Series right up there with our Sopranos on HBO.

    Eagerly looking forward to an Underbelly Series 3 goes without saying. The whole world awaits … not just you folks “down under”!

  7. I absolutely loved the 1st series of Underbelly that I had to buy the uncut version and watch it over and overagain. I agree with BB and Neil, I thought the second series would be based on the Carlton Crews rise to power and prolific underworld hitman Chopper Reid’s rise to notoriety, however I enjoyed the second series just as much as the first.

    I enjoyed Blue Murder so much that I brought it on DVD, so I absolutely can’t wait for the third installment of the Underbelly franchise; Corruption and Cops…sounds interesting!

  8. Look, ever week you dont go sweet 20-1 is on.. or wow i cant wait for CSI, no every week you go underbelly is on, the 2nd series is just as good as the first just a different story line and to the people who wanted to see the “al fonz rise to power, i was explained in the 1st season was basically a neighbourhood aligator, not really worth making a season about and chopper reid.. wow once is enough, i dont think i could go a total of 8 episodes of his petty crimes i think the show is totally on track and people on the net need to lose there negativity and thank it for being the only good show on television

  9. I thought it would be more about Alphonse Gangitano’s rise to power in melbourne crime and that one would definitely have Chopper in it.

  10. The idea sounds more interesting than this season. What ever happened to the idea of basing another season on the Melbourne underworld of the late 80’s/early 90’s?

    I suppose when your “big” new series for 09′ involve aussie versions of Wipeout & Ladette to Lady, then a 3rd, 4th & even 5th Underbelly series’ sound quite alright

    RichoTB – PTTR is definitely worth watching

  11. Yeah, I ditto Steve’s comment. I’m hearing so much about all these new Underbelly’s and so on, I just wish Nine would put the original Underbelly on TV in Victoria.

  12. β€œIt’s a no-brainer to go again and have Underbelly 3 on Channel Nine as soon as possible,” Gyngell said.

    Ah, the optimism.

    Well, Gyngell said it. No. Brain. Er. πŸ™‚

  13. Meh. Its like Lost and Prison Break, they had a good thing going initially but then they drag it out and milk it for all its worth to the point where ppl lost interest. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an Underbelly 4 and 5, but I won’t be watching it. I have, however, been considering watching Packed to the Rafters for the first time. Does anyone think its a good show??

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