ABC elevates Foreign Correspondent timeslot

geoffThe ABC is promoting Foreign Correspondent to a new timeslot: 8:00pm Tuesdays, 90 minutes earlier than its current 9:30pm slot.

Hosted by Mark Corcoran, the 17 year old show features international stories with journalists and camera operators based around the world. Director of ABC TV, Kim Dalton today announced it will have a new time slot from April 14.

“The world is currently focused on international issues, so the move of Foreign Correspondent to 8pm will allow a wider audience to gain a better understanding of these dynamic changes, from an Australian perspective,” he said.

It is the second timeslot change in some twelve months. It began 2007 in the 9:30pm timeslot with ten minutes trimmed after it had previously followed The Bill.

Tuesdays are not one of the network’s strongest nights. Traditionally it has aired lighter documentaries at 8pm Tuesdays including Navy Divers, The Museum and Two in the Top End. It has recently been running the UK comedy Lead Balloon at 8pm followed by repeats of Doctor Who at 8:30pm.

ABC’s next step is to move Lost Cities Of The Ancients into 8:30 in place of Who from next week, to be superceded by Around the World in 80 Gardens. Lead Balloon will move to 9:30pm.

The new time for the ABC current affairs show will pit it against several factual shows including Find My Family and Bondi Rescue. But it will be most treacherous to SBS’ Insight programme. The forum based show airs from 7:30-8:30pm.

Foreign Correspondent will continue to be repeated on Saturdays at 1pm on ABC1.


  1. Foreign Correspondent is a wonderful programme, my favourite current affairs show on TV. Truely great journalism to rival that of BBC.

    I wish the governement would give ABC funding to have a FTA 24 hour news channel so that ABC could produce more programmes like this, the standard of journalism is far superior to that of 7,9, 10 and Sky News on FoxTel.

  2. One of the few true “Current Affair” programs left. Excellent report on Zimbabwe.

    If you work for Channels 7,9 & 10 and call yourself a “Journalist” you are bloody kidding yourselves. You are nothing more than “Info-tainent Reporters” or “Cut & Paste Bandits”.

    Long-life to Foreign Correspondent and Dateline.

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