ABC TV appoints News Director

Australia Network and Radio Australia news director Kate Torney will replace the outgoing John Cameron.

torneyThe ABC has apppointed Kate Torney, 41, its news for director for Australia Network and Radio Australia, to replace John Cameron.

Torney was a founding executive producer of the Sunday morning political program Insiders and its sports-themed sibling, Offsiders, and a producer of the Victorian edition of the Stateline program. She will move to Sydney to take up the role next month.

At Australia Network she oversaw the introduction of desktop editing technology — with which TV journalists can edit their own stories — and studio automation, contentious changes that she will be responsible for implementing nationally in her new role.

“I’m right across the potential of studio automation,” Ms Torney said. “What we need to do in rolling out all of this, is to ensure that we remain focused on delivering quality content … and I think ABC News Breakfast and Australia Network are examples of how it can be a success.”

If the Federal Government provides the necessary cash, Ms Torney will also be responsible for the new public affairs television channel the ABC has made a key part of its triennial funding submission.

Source / photo: The Age

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  1. So a journalist is an editor because they can use the software? In that case I’m a journalist because I can use a pen! A moronic decision by the ABC

    ABC Breakfast can hardly be described as “quality content” and journalists at Australia network mostly repackage material that has already been cut…by an editor!

  2. There’s been a huge drop in quality in ABC News broadcasts in Melbourne since automation and desktop editing by journos.

    Editing is a craft, and Journos should be busy writing, and finding stories.

  3. “with which TV journalists can edit their own stories “…..Question, how can arming a journalist with a handycam and telling them to shoot their own stories and edit them on a desktop computer to save money by not having professional Broadcast News cameramen shoot the stories for them, to save money, be delivering quality?

    i mean its bad enough that a presenter sits in a studio with no floor crew and just an automated camera pre designed to do a certain move, and have no interaction with humans to tell him whats going on in the control room, unless they talk to him in his ear…quality with job losses and computers…i don’t think so

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