Cricket World Cup leads to huge Sunday for Nine

Australia's win tops the magic million and delivers a massive share for Nine.

Australia’s win over India at the ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup final was a massive winner for Nine.

Last night it was #1 and topped the magic million at 1.07m metro viewers. Melbourne, then Sydney, drew the biggest crowds.

Yet The 1% Club again stood up rather well to the competition at 571,000 viewers, then Joanna Lumley’s Spice Trail Adventure (412,000), Border Security (344,000) and Dessert Masters (342,000).

Later Annika was 389,000 then Shetland (273,000) and Homicide: With Ron Iddles (259,000).

Nine network scored a huge 47.2% share, more than double Seven’s 20.4%, ABC’s 15.6%, 10’s 11.2% and 5.6% on SBS.

Nine News drew 673,000 viewers.

Seven News still won its slot at 766,000. Air Crash Investigations was 109,000.

ABC News was 462,000. Antiques Roadshow was 154,000.

The Sunday Project drew 216,000 / 133,000 for 10. FBI (166,000), 10 News First (149,000 / 107,000) and NCIS: Hawaii (101,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (114,000 / 83,000), Fortress Britain with Alice Roberts (83,000), JFK: The Home Movie that Changed the World (81,000) and The Assassination of JFK (77,000).

ABC Kids Blueyfest drew very big numbers at 263,000, easily topping multichannels.

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

Shetland: 732,000
Annika: 991,000
Dessert Masters: 864,000
FBI: 305,000
Insiders: 463,000
60 Minutes: 800,000
The 1% Club: 1.11m

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 19 November 2023

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  1. I still find it crazy the ABC is showing last years series of Shetland and passing it off as new. The new series is currently airing in the UK. Makes people find other ways to watch.

    1. It is new for FTA. You should direct your beef to BBC who some years ago made a deal to sell first run to BBC First and forcing ABC to a 12 month window. Similarly, they sold Doctor Who to Disney+. All of these are filed on the blog.

  2. Was that a TVTonight commenter on the 1% Club? –
    The little darling who boasted he would be a better TV host than Jim Jefferies?

    Note to Channel 7: Next Monday is today – not in 8 days time.

    (It’s on the move again – can’t let the show stay in the same timeslot for too long)

  3. I saw the first few hours of cricket on 9, but missed some of the cricket (as I was at Coldplay last night). I got back home and realised that the cricket was still on. CWC Final has paid off for 9, with Perth with strong ratings.

    1. Was such a good time to be on for Western Australia with the 3, 2.5 and 2 hour time difference to the other States, Midnight(ish) finish is so much better than a 3am(ish) on a Sunday (if only the game was Saturday).

        1. I think Morbo is a bit harsh on Dessert Masters last night. Despite the DM going against the Cricket game, i dont think that it is a flop. After the Cricket is finished, the Dessert Masters will rebound. However, HYBPA was finished up for the year.

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