Airdate: All About Dung

monty_cow_pattie_fieldJust when you think you have heard them all, along comes a title like this doozy.

The History Channel has a special coming up on poop.

It promises to travel around the world to give viewers an information-laden and fun tour on the culture, history and science of poop. Wonder if Kenny got wind of this? Sorry.

If this pic is anything to go by, I’m with the cow.

Says the synopsis: “It will be revealed how poop has been a major player throughout history, how it is crucial to the success of investigative scientists, and how animals use it in diverse and surprising ways. And people will be surprised by the amazing manner in which the modern world puts dung to use.”

I dunno. There are some network programmers who work wonders with it.

It airs Sunday, March 15 at 8.30pm. Not in Smell-o-vision.

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