Airdate: Beyond the Darklands

As expected Seven's new true-life crime series will replace Gangs of Oz from next week.

birnieAs expected Seven’s new true-life crime series Beyond the Darklands will replace Gangs of Oz from next week.

The series produced by Screentime combines interviews, archival and news footage and re-creations. Screentime already produces a  NZ version.

Seven’s version will include stories on: Katherine Knight, Leslie Camilleri and Lindsay Beckett and David and Catherine Birnie.

Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Leah Giarratano, a published crime fiction author,  also appears in the series to provide comment on criminal behaviour.

The first episode looks at WA serial killing couple, David Birnie (pictured) and Catherine Birnie, who embarked upon a five week rampage across Perth in 1986.

It premieres 9:30pm Wednesday March 18th on Seven.

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  1. Will Beyond the Darklands review the “family murders” in South Australia from the late 1970’s to early 1980’s with Von Einem ?
    The show is a real eye opener to the criminal events.

  2. I find this to be a very interesting show, it opens our eyes to what is happening in our own country. I was glad to hear that it had returned back on t.v. I would like to hear about the Ivan Milat story.

  3. Regarding the time that Andrew Veniamin spent in Juvenile Detention

    These details are incorrect

    The TV Programme makes an incorrect statement that 10 years ago Turana was a terrible place where a young person had little chance of rehabilitlation

    I visited the Juvenile Detention Centre in 1996 and I saw the vast improvments that had taken place

    Obviously Veniamen did not want rehabilitation and it feels an unfair comment that the Juvenile Justice System paid a negative role in this man’s criminal career

    Yours sincerely

  4. Im actually really disappointed. On the tv guide it said that the Camerilli & Beckett (Bega School Girl murders) would be on tonight and now it has mysteriously changed to a gangland story. When did it change and why? and when will it be on?

  5. I’m sitting here watching it now, recorded, and while it is morbid, it’s thought provoking and interesting. I think factual shows like this that look into another side of our [Australian] history are good in the sense that sick people like that are still out there.
    It’s just another remind of how depraved humans can be.
    Mind you, you don’t see kids playing in the street anymore anyway.

  6. I pretty much don’t approve of factual shows like this. When some crime happens in those pre-historic times and years later this is made into ‘murder-entertainment’.

    Pretty sick and disrespectful to make a profit out of criminal’s life and sending a wrong message to make money. Althrough some people know those murders too well and just don’t care about it. Just another of come see-us-so called starf””kers.

    Seven’s obsession with the past of negativity and traditional patronising. Too Yankeeish for me. I’ll pass.

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