Funniest Clip of All Time

shelle3aIt might not be anywhere near as funny as when Graham Kennedy was hosting it. Or even Jacki McDonald.

But Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show is nearing its 20th anniversary, which by any measure is impressive.

So to celebrate it’s planning a special in April that will decide “The Funniest Clip of All Time.” Even for AFHV that’s a big call.

The show has lined up all the Grand Final winning clips from as far back as 1990 (some years had two finals) and will play them head to head.

Expect to see amazingly trained pets, kids who do the darndest things, and all those wacky sound effects and voice overs.

Hosted by Shelley Craft, it will air April 4th on Nine.


  1. Another clip show on Nine to pad out their schedule.
    What next 20-1 of aust funniest (or unfunniest ) home videos ?
    Worst part is most videos are set-ups ?

  2. They should also bring back the iconic theme song:
    “We got laughs from coast-to-coast – to make you smile. A real light look at each of you – to capture all that style. You’re the dinky di and blue. The funny things you do! Australia, Australia, this is you!”

  3. Hopefully they’ll play my video when I came 2nd for the year in 2004. They usually play it once a year or so at random, but I’m hoping I make the best ever videos list!

  4. So many funny videos… I hope they decide to bring back all the living hosts, as well as a tribute to the pioneering 1990 season, with the late King of Television at the helm. I hope Lisa Patrick got her jacket back from Doug Mulray!

  5. How this show still rates is beyond me it hasn’t been funny since the legendary graham Kennedy hosted it Jackie McDonald was also a good host fast forward did a send up of it many moons ago and called it Australia’s most pointless TV show that sure is the right name for it now

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