Gavin and Stacey to end

gavin-and-staceIt’s barely started in Australia, but UK comedy Gavin and Stacey will end after its third series, co-writer James Corden has confirmed.

The first series chronicled the developing romance of the two leads played by Mathew Horne and Joanna Pag.

Seven played just one episode of series one in Sydney and Brisbane but pulled it after a disappointing debut and denying viewers in other states the chance to watch any eps.

Corden ruled out any more episodes or specials once they’ve finished work on the next run, saying: “‘This is it. This will definitely be the last series. We have a point to which we are working to and that will be the end. It will be sad but it has been a great time for everyone involved.”

He also joked: “We might need some money … but the way it’s looking at the moment, no.”

No word if Seven will rectify airing the series in its schedule.



  1. Very disappointed with Channel 7. I’ve now been sent recordings of series 1 and 2 from the UK and it is a superb, closely observed comedy series, about real people dealing with real life, without the desperate in-ya-face, gag-a-minute stuff of all those US sitcoms we get fed over here. And, Teddy Bar, if the BBC had had your attitude, classics such as Monty Python, Fawltey Towers, the Vicar of Dibley etc etc etc would never have got off the ground.

  2. Jezza of the city

    ch7 need to sell this on to the ABC, it is a superb gentle romcom drama that builds its characters and storylines over a series. It is a little too smart for somewhere like 7.

  3. I applaud this brave and not often used tactic of yanking (no offence to our American cousins) a TV show if it does not have ‘Blockbuster’ rating success in the first 5 minutes of the show.

    Bravo!!! Bravo!!!!

    The viewing public deserve better than non instant block busters.


    Teddy Bär

  4. I watched the first episode and surprise, surprise it got pulled. Channel 7 at their finest hour. I can’t understand why because it is only Saturday night, there is no need for high ratings at 10pm!

  5. I love this show and as I’m also Welsh and lived near Barry Island found it very true to life and my family all loved it too. You really need to watch this series in a marathon viewing as it has one continuous storyline and once you get to ep 3 you are hooked. But anyway its good to not flog a dead horse too.

  6. Nooooooooo!
    This is my favourite show. The characters are what makes it special. And Mr. Do-Bee should watch more British programs, because the dialogue isn’t that difficult to understand. Maybe it was his TV?

    Seriously though, I love G&S. It had great use of pop music too. Sad to see it go.

  7. I was one of the few who watched the episode Seven aired. I found it mildly entertaining once I enabled the teletext subtitles and could finally understand what the hell they were saying.

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