Report: James Corden to succeed Craig Ferguson as Late Late Show host

2014-08-06_1556UK comedian James Corden will succeed Craig Ferguson as host of The Late Late Show according to US reports.

Corden is well known for his TV roles in Gavin and Stacey and The Wrong Mans (which he co-created), both of which have aired in Australia on ABC.

US media is reacting to the speculation by filling in their readers on who the Brit is, along with more than a few articles questioning another white male (their words) in the role. Or maybe it’s all Piers Morgan’s fault.

“No one is arguing that he’s not talented or capable, but why aren’t we tired of this bullshit assumption that white men are the only people capable of hosting late night television shows?” asked one report.

Ferguson, who’s hosted The Late Late Show since 2005, announced that he would be departing the series in April, and exit at “the end of this year.” While he had been speculated as a replacement for David Letterman, that gig when to Stephen Colbert.

CBS is yet to confirm Corden in the host role.

The Late Late Show airs in Australia on ELEVEN.

Source: The Wrap


  1. @Craig – Craig Ferguson had no interest in Letterman’s job, he had simply had enough of doing the show after 10 years and felt he couldn’t add any more to it. CBS actually had Craig hold off announcing his departure as they knew Letterman was about to leave. Also Craig was going to leave 2 years ago and CBS talked him into staying which is why he got the new bigger studio.

    If you do a YouTube search of ‘Craig Ferguson announces he’s leaving The Late Late Show’ then you can hear him say the above back in April. As the days (and months), went by he even joked with Geoff about the rumour he was getting a huge payout for missing Letterman’s job (there’s no truth to that either).

    And before anyone says, ‘oh yeah Craig would just say that to keep the peace,’ for me Craig is the one person on TV that I trust would be telling the truth on things like this and nothing can sway me…

  2. I wish Eleven would put Ferguson on earlier, I know it’s called the late late show but really tired old re-runs they would be much better shifting Letterman to ch11 followed by Ferguson. Maybe it will be Colbert followed by Corden next year on ch11? There is no reason they can’t have them on from 10:30 or earlier.

    Not sure if Ferguson wanted to take over Letterman’s gig or just didn’t want to move to NYC, so maybe this was a way out for him?

  3. It seems strange to have a Pom parachuted into the job-Craig at least had lived and worked in the US for many years before getting the job.

  4. jezza the first original one

    jeez there is a lot of racial hatred in the US media….anti brit, anti white… diesn’ matter who they are as long as they are good…..very simple

  5. “assumption that white men are the only people capable of hosting late night television shows”

    Well, if he gets white-anted first (no pun intended) then he’ll face a near impossible task.

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