Molloy to star in The Jesters

mick_molloyA case of art becomes art? Mick Molloy has a new television comedy project, The Jesters, to begin filming for Movie Extra in Sydney on Monday. It promises to be a satire about the day-to-day battles of a sketch comedy veteran turned producer.

Molloy, who returned to TV last year in TEN’s Before the Game, who will star in the lead role of Dave Davies, alongside  Deborah Kennedy and Susie Porter.

The Jesters is a funny and dark look into the world of television comedy from the writers’ room to the network board meetings – loaded with jealousy, pettiness, and treachery – all the things that make show-business so much fun,” a statement said.

Sounds like plenty of room for some biting comment, especially if it traces his two shows on Nine. Movie Extra has already found success with Chandon Pictures, which launches a second season this month.

Movie Extra’s Peter Jenetsky, said he believed the “clever” series would win over viewers.

“We think the time is right and viewers will love us taking a poke at the satirical comedy genre,” he said.

It will air in the second half of the year.

Source: The West


  1. dont get me wrong i love mick malloy he is very good. But i think that this is going to be another disaster for him, i hope not though but he has not faired well with these rip of shows. Fingers crossed the scripts are good. Mind u after approching the networks with a pitch about a show on writers i was told that “sorry but no one is interested in shows about the writers of a show” Oh its chilli oh thats right as usual im out in the cold. I just seem not to be in the in crowd LOL (okay i have a litte bit of bitterness, just a little though!)….. ok a lot.

  2. 30 rock, Moving Wallpaper, now this…. ideas are running low. Whilst I do love the aforementioned two shows, this type of show seems a bit oversaturated now.

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