QTQ9 bash celebrates 50 years

bris9The sun always shines on Brisbane TV. QTQ9 had a bash for its 50th birthday at Movie World.

As TV critic Dianne Butler notes in the Courier Mail, there were lots of sponsors to be seen. And, amazingly, members of the general public mingling with stars:

“Nine’s logo still got top billing but the invitation read B105, Warner Bros Movie World and Channel 9 in that order. At the bottom of the page were four brands – Sizzler, KFC, RACQ and Eureka St Furniture. Interesting mix, and somewhat unusual, but who can afford to throw a big party nowadays without some help? Or who wants to?

But the more noteworthy element of Nine’s parties is the fact that the guest list included not just network talent and media and the usual allied crowd but also – and even as I write these words I can scarcely believe it – the general public.

It’s a terrifying idea, opening the doors to the people who actually consume your product, but Nine’s done it. I don’t even care that there was probably some cynical marketing concept at work here or a radio deal or whatever. Rewarding viewers with a night out where they can stand in proximity to the boys from Underbelly and a selection of newsreaders, well, as prizes go it’s pretty good.”

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  1. Hi
    We have watched QTQ since you first opened in Brisbane, we have since moved to Tambourine Mountain, and switched to digital.
    We are experiencing a loss of signal at times, on Tuesday evening it was good, on Wednesday and today no signal! yet 7 is good.
    Is there a drop in signal power, or perhaps sum interference in the airier?

    Can you help, thank you.

    Regards Tony.

  2. The resident Brisbane commenter has this to say:

    The whole situation has flip-flopped in the last year, with 7 up here taking a more networked role (which has sent some viewers off), while 9 fills the local gap. Inviting the public to your birthday party, is something 7 would have done years ago, in the Love You Brisbane heyday during, but 7’s “party” resembled something 9 would have done in the mid-late 1990’s.

    QTQ has already, five months out from their actual birthday, assured the best coverage (if not better than 2006’s interstate), simply by chucking on a ID, where as 7’s effort left a lot to be desired. Why didn’t 7 revive what made them great in the 80’s properly?

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