Sad memories in SBS repeat

SBS repeats a 2005 reality series which was marked by a sad post-production footnote.

colonyOn a lazy Saturday afternoon this weekend SBS will re-screen the reality series The Colony.

This 2005 series took families from England, Ireland and Australia and placed them in a pioneering setting to see how they can live without 21st century trappings.

The series fused historical discovery, social jeopardy and adventure challenge.

But there was a tragic footnote for the series following the death of one of the participants not long after the series concluded.

One of the teenage girls, 17yo Carina Stephenson from the English family, sadly took her own life after returning to the UK. It was also before the series aired in Britain. The family later cleared the production of any due involvement, noting that she had struggled with her emerging sexuality.

They also indicated part of their purpose in agreeing to the series was to break her cycle of depression. Her mother blamed websites which glorified suicides. An inquest heard how Carina was a “well balanced, normal, happy and healthy girl”.

At the time the series sparked media debate about duty of care in reality television.

The family consented to the series screening in the UK.

It airs 5:30pm Saturday on SBS.

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  1. That is really shocking, ive just finished watching the show. However i did find Carina to be the quiet one, but still still that is so shocking

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