The Bazura Project v Logies

A community television programme reckons it should be eligible for Logie consideration. But TV Week says no.

bazurajump1Media Watch last night reported on correspondence between the TV Week Logie Awards and the presenters of Channel 31’s cult comedy show The Bazura Project.

Writer / Director / Presenter Shannon Marinko had hoped to submit their movie review show for the panel-voted Outstanding Comedy Show. According to Media Watch, Marinko knew he wouldn’t be a shot at winning but had hoped that in a year without The Chaser, Kath & Kim and Chris Lilley there was at least a chance for a nomination.

But TV Week doesn’t include nominations for community television despite the fact its rules stipulate eligibility covers “outstanding achievement for the production of a comedy program or series televised on any free-to-air or subscription TV network in the year 2008.”

“As TV WEEK does not cover community television within the magazine, we are unable to consider individual programs on this platform for the TV WEEK Logie Awards,” advised project manager Cate Carpenter.

But Shannon Marinko responded with, “I’m sorry to get picky, but there’s nothing in the rules that state that a program is only eligible if it receives coverage within TV Week magazine.”

TV Week remained unmoved.

As anyone familiar with Logies history knows of course, Gold Logie winner Rove McManus got his start on community television.

The community show (which TV Tonight wrote about in 2008) airs at 9:30pm Thursdays in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide and 8:30pm in Sydney.

Watch for this ruling to be re-worded by 2010.

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  1. Bazura is no worse than any other “comedy” on Australian TV. Seriously, who is it up against?

    I also find it very funny that such a cheap and trashy event such as the Logies is effectively giving the Basil Fawlty “No Riff Raff” line to these guys.

  2. I remember years ago, there was a category for “Most Outstanding Contribution by a Regional Station”. It was industry voted, and died out with aggregation.

    Same with the state-based popularity awards, they eventually died out too, in the mid 80’s.

    I honestly think it is time to reinstate the state-based awards, industry voted, initially for the aggregated east coast, with the categories of
    Most Outstanding Contribution by a (QLD/NSW/VIC) Regional Station.
    Most Outstanding (QLD/NSW/VIC)Local News Piece (Aggregated).
    Most Outstanding (QLD/NSW/VIC)Local News Piece (Metro).
    Most Outstanding Local Program for (QLD/NSW/VIC) Consumption.
    Most Outstanding Local Personality in (QLD/NSW/VIC).

    David, what do you think?

  3. The whole voting process was bizarre this year, with voters being forced to choose from a TV Week selected shortlist of candidates. In the past, you’ve been able to fill in a blank section if you wanted to nominate someone who didn’t appear on the shortlist, but this year, you can’t even do that. Big Brother didn’t appear on the “Most Popular Reality TV Show” shortlist, even though it rated much higher than many of the other shortlisted shows. They’ve also decided that someone can’t be eligible for “Most Popular Actor/Actress/Personality” if it’s only their first year on television (i.e. you’re not eligible for these awards until you’re no longer eligible for “Most Popular Newcomer”. Something’s wrong when you can’t even choose who you want to vote for.

    Having said all of that, I’d *love* to own a book about the Logies that listed every nominee and every winner, with photospreads from each year’s ceremony. I wish TV Week would get around to publishing something like that! Even a fully searchable online database of all of the nominees and winners would be enough! Currently, they only have the winners listed on their site (which is a great start).

  4. If that deserves a Logie, why doesn’t Fishcam, or any other community program?

    I guess 2009 is turning into the Freeview Logies, no room for community, regional, Imparja, and all the glory to a bleeding market.

    Now excuse me while I hug my IQ…

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