The Pam Ann Show

pamann_london_set_dsc4139Attention passengers: assume the crash position, that way you won’t feel the turbulence. Yes, Pam Ann is ready to wing you to her jet lounge where a budget variety show promises one very bumpy ride.

Returning home from touring the international comedy cabaret circuit, this is Pam Ann’s first serious foray into local television. Inspired by ’60s chic she’s got the big hair, big earrings, big mascara but a decidedly naughties (very naughty) comic tone.

The format is simple: a ’60s-style jet lounge with economy passengers hosts an array of chats, routines, songs, audience participation and celebrity. It’s madcap, mayhem and MA-rated. She’s even got her very own troupe of William Forsythe dancing boys. If you haven’t already figured it out by now, this is not only the gayest show on television, but the gayest studio audience too.

Each half hour is flavoured by a different destination, beginning with Beijing. London, Sydney, New York and Rome will follow.

There’s a ‘Galley Guest’ visit by Dr. Cindy Pan (she practically blushes when Pam Ann asks her about the last time she had sex), a Perfect Match routine where three audience members of both sexes vie for a date with Justin Melvey, and a brief visit from Olympic gold medallist Matthew Mitcham.

Lured onto a king-size bed in her mile-high penthouse, Mitcham’s boyish charm is endearing. Forget about in-depth questions, this is all about on-air chemistry.

Having honed her style performing alongside Miss Candy, Coco, Stella, Rita and innumerable drag queens in 1990s Melbourne, Caroline Reid is in-your-face entertainment. She draws upon comedy that is characteristic of Australian drag: elegantly packaged with a deliberately inelegant act.

Pam Ann is unashamedly forward, confidently commenting on everything from her audience’s looks, attire and sexual history. She makes no apologies for her blunt language: “you’ve got a bit of c** on your face”. Let’s face it. You won’t get this sort of stuff on Mornings with Kerri-Anne.

In its cabaret environment everyone is having a hoot, and both performer and audience appear to encourage the other to become more outrageous. As television it needs a little room to breathe.

But this is the kind of alternative comedy that pay television can afford to nurture. It’s a bit risqué, a bit cheap and a LOT flamboyant. Catch her if you can.

35_starsThe Pam Ann Show airs 9:30pm Wednesdays on Comedy Channel.


  1. I am from Scotland and have been able to watch the first 5 episodes of The Pam Ann Show and have to say i love it, her humour, her looks shes fantastic!
    I would have liked to have seen more characters from her One World Alliance but apart from that the show is brilliant, i only hope it gets a proper broadcasting or maybe she will do a UK version of the show over here.
    Now tune in next week or Pam will “find out where you live and fly her bloody plane into your bloody house!!!”

  2. I think the show is hilarious!!! This is Pam Ann. You have to like the humour to find it funny. I know she is rude and crude, but that’s Pam Ann. I am gay and I think the gay jokes are hilarious. For all of those people who don’t like the show, Don’t watch it! Flick through Foxtel and find something else to bag.

  3. Doug From Brisbane

    To all those that hate pam ann show or have said it is not the best.. I just like to tell you ,, that i think u have taste in ur a***.. Pam Ann is funny as, This is the first aussie comedian i like.. She is funny and i cant even stand to look away in case i miss something.. she is fresh new tv show and about time… Guys get behind her and support her.. keep up the good work and when the hell are u coming to brisbane for a tour.. i want to know so i can go
    well done girlfriend keep up the good work

  4. I was determined to give this show a go and see if it could improve from it’s poor start. Honestly, this would be close to the worst show ever produced for Australian television. I have seen Pan Am before and found her quite funny, but on this show she has had a comedy bypass. Whether it’s nerves or just poor writing/preparation it is still no excuse for letting such rubbish go to air.

    Last night ther was a slight chance that Julia Morris could have delivered a funny line or two, however she could not open her mouth without Pan Am stepping over every comment she made.

    I hope that this show is not a career killer…she had better hope that not many people are watching!

  5. I watched the dvd and laughed so much, I am no prude but she could of halved the F’s and C’s to half to none. Not necessary really!!!! otherwise she would excell in more circles and other types of audience.

  6. Thought the show was absolutely hilarious! I think comments about seeing someone live is one thing (yeah man, you launch a TV show and see how right you get it first time around…)

    Come on, we’re all fantastic critics (Playing devils advocate – i rip apart the So You Think You Can Dance performances, but at least I know I’m being a prick).

    Awesome show, vibrant and the finale show should shut everyone up – Hilarious!


  7. David – Did you watch the same show???
    I could only stomach 5 minutes of this dross. Feeble attempt to be a female (!) Bob Downe, the twist being no panache, poor scripting and no apparent talent. Can only presume she has friends high up at the “Comedy ” Channel.

  8. I have seen Pam Ann live about five times and have loved it every time … I was so disappointed by the tv show – it was as flat as a tack, cheap and a laughter free zone … hope it was first show nerves and it improves – what a let down

  9. You’ve got to admire the performances of Pam Ann. That’s what my friends keep telling me anyway. Frankly I’m more impressed that she has managed to spend an entire decade without any new jokes or material – and yet can still get a gig! Had the displeasure of working with her once – sad to report she is as nice as she is funny.

  10. Tried to watch the show but found it not funny at all.Flicked back again later no better.Let me know when it gets funny and i might watch it.

  11. Absolutely loved it, I laughed through the whole show, can’t wait till next week’s show. Pam Ann is so funny, A great show Foxtel.

  12. OMG!, I almost fell off my chair laughing.

    I am a huge Justin Melvey fan so i was happy to see him on the show and he is the only reason i watched. He didn’t dissapoint, laughing along with Pam and he looked so hot, i wanna join the Mile High Club with him!

    Loved it, please bring Justin on again.

    Thankyou for making my week.

  13. I have to agree that last nights episode was possibly the worst show I have seen on television for a long long time…but to sling off at Matthew Mitchem is completely out of line. You have to love any criticism thats starts off as “I’m so not homophobic” and then launches into a tirade about him having no self respect. Get over yourself…he was only going with the flow and actually came across as quite a natural, funny guy. Pam Ann onthe other hand needs to get some new material as almost all of her quips fell extemely flat. You know things are going bad when the old “Benny Hill” type asian routine is rolled out.

    All that said..I stuck with it for the full 30 minutes and most of the real laughs were at the quality rather than the substance. Lets hope it gets a bit better week after week as I would hate to think that Foxtel would stop trying new ideas

  14. What a terrible show. I thought I was watching the Community Television channel. The host struggled to get any laughs from teh audience and resorted to coarse language and shock tactics to get any reaction. There were a couple of hilarious lines from Cindy Pan but overall it was terrible. The opportunity for an interesting interview with Olympian Matthew Mitcham was completely wasted with stupid stuff that wasn’t even funny.
    Seemed like a good idea for a show but the opportunity has been completely wasted.

  15. In contrast to Linda’s comments – I quite liked the show. Caroline Reid hasn’t lost her charm – and it lived up to what I expected it to. Maybe ease a little on the smut – but its got me as a regular viewer.

  16. I watched it this evening and would have to say it would have to be one of the worst show’s on television. It’s not funny what so ever and Matthew Mitchem….well…..I’m so not homophobic, my brother is gay but his conduct was totally out of line. I understand it’s a ‘Comedy’ show (if some people find it funny, I suppose you could call it comedy) but have some self respect. I sat there for the whole time it was on saying to myself ‘Am I missing something?’ Anyway, let’s just say, I won’t be tuning in next Wed, that’s for sure!

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