Axle Whitehead ‘Bachelor of the Year’

axlewhiteheadSinger-actor Axle Whitehead has won the 2009 Cleo Bachelor of the Year title.

Whitehead, now a Home and Away cast member, won over Channel [V] presenter Danny Clayton and So You Think You Can Dance choreographer ‘Nacho Pop.’

Bondi Rescue’s Tom Bunting won a Cleo hearts prize, voted by magazine staff.

Whitehead was dubbed the 2009 title winner at an invite event in Sydney last night, taking the ‘crown’ from 2008’s Jason Dundas from Getaway.

The magazine title, now 22 years old, is reader-voted and something of a nod to rising talent. Whitehead has certainly been re-building his career after a fumbled exposure at the ARIA Awards in 2006.


  1. Musically, he’s a one man Maroon 5 (not good!) but I definitely preferred him on Video Hits to that idiot who acts like a 14 year old first-time stoner they have now!

  2. god what have you done? he already loves himself enough as it is! he comes across as a smug, slimmy git! Thanks girls now all us men know if we act like axle pose we will be loved by you all! :lol

  3. remind me to flash my penis at the next Arias so I can win next year. Typical. Paris Hilton makes a sex tape and now sells perfume to tweens. Axle exposes himself and is Bachelor of the Year. Pffffft

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