Cricket, ARIAs take Nine to Wednesday win.

9GEM drew a 10.6% share last night, which, added to ARIAs gave Nine the night.

It was Nine’s broadcast of the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup that helped it win Wednesday night.

9GEM drew a 10.6% share putting the network out of reach of the competition.

The match averaged up to 232,000 metro viewers during its 4 hour broadcast, and topped multichannels.

The Chase topped entertainment at 465,000 / 296,000 followed by Home & Away (431,000).

7:30 led its slot at 397,000 then Hard Quiz (390,000), Dessert Masters (372,000), ARIA Awards (238,000 across a two hour broadcast) and A Year on Planet Earth (236,000).

Later Question Everything was 358,000 then Australian Epic (210,000).

Nine network won Wednesday with 32.2% then Seven 26.1%, ABC 17.7%, 10 16.4% and SBS 7.6%.

Nine News (652,000 / 644,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair led with 554,000 then Hot Seat (322,000 / 211,000). Ed Sheeran: Full Circle drummed up 136,000.

Seven News was #1 at 818,000 / 780,000. A Big Brother double was just 112,000 / 86,000.

ABC News was 483,000. Planet America (179,000) and The Drum (127,000) followed.

The Project was 220,000 / 135,000 for 10. 10 News First drew 176,000 / 130,000. A My Life is Murder double managed 166,000 / 111,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (116,000 / 93,000), Meet the Neighbours (102,000), Alone UK and Boeing’s Fatal Flaw (53,000).

Sunrise: 197,000
Today: 185,000
News Breakfast: 89,000 / 57,000

In Total TV numbers last Wednesday were:

Love Island: 351,000
Big Brother: 487,000
My Mum Your Dad: 658000
The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity: 836,000
Home & Away: 940,000
Australian Epic: 492,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 15 November 2023


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  1. Big Brother has to be the dog of the year. Bad ratings plus a terribly unwatchable version of the format. The 7Plus numbers are dramatically down year on year too, so no spin can save it surely?

  2. Wow Big Bro…
    It won’t be back next year.
    The only way to save it in the future is to go back to its original channel ten format, but I fear that’s too little too late for that to happen.

    Unless it’s actually on channel ten after a break.

  3. ARIA’s were a lot better last night than in some recent years where it was extremely low budget. Interestingly no in memoriam segment was included only a tribute to Slim Dusty’s wife Joy McKean who passed away.

    So glad Troye Sivan won some of the big awards. He’s such a well spoken man and he’s very talented.

  4. The precipitous but not easily explained drop in viewers for Nine News continues. I think it is looking pretty bad for their top rating program over Summer. Notably there has been no increase for Seven or the other news services (certainly not Ten) so it seems to be just the general drop off in free to air audiences everywhere impacting. News remains a big platform for promoting other programs (through direct advertisements and ‘news’ stories about “astonishing events on The Block tonight” for example) so this will hurt.

    Big Brother is now an obscene laughing stock and really needs to go to a secondary channel.

    Personally I am a bit disappointed in the My Life is Murder figures as it is a show I like but it may have a modest boost in catch-up figures unlike the news programs.

    1. I think news in general is turning off a lot of viewers with current world events being quite graphic. Leigh Sales’ recent Andrew Olle lecture is a good take on what’s happening with news audiences.

  5. If BB happened in a house 12 months ago and no one watched…did it really happen?
    I am really enjoying Dessert Masters. Melissa & Amaury have good chemistry snd the casting is good. What a talented group with no egos.

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