Biggest Loser tops 2m viewers

bob-herdsmanThe Biggest Loser surged over the 2 million mark last night as 57yo Bob Herdsman won the 2009 title.

TEN managed 2.09m viewers for the moment when he took glory, one of only a handful of shows that has passed the 2m mark this year. To do so at around 10:30pm at night is a doubly impressive feat.

The dieting reality series has performed very well for TEN this year and the network has already given the greenlight to another series for next year. The show was most popular in Sydney.

TEN was astute to technically divide the show into two parts, with the announcement of the winner logged as a separate OzTAM title to the remainder of the finale which averaged 1.79m viewers with a peak of 2.28m. Had it not done so it is unlikely it would have managed a memorable 2m result for the show overall. While it doesn’t alter the network’s evening share, it does look rosy on an end of year list of success stories.

The 7pm version of Loser managed a terrific 1.53m too, many of whom stuck around for the premiere of MasterChef Australia, taking a comfortable 1.42m (were 110,000 were still too busy dieting to start thinking about cooking?). TEN says it peaked at 1.91m. No doubt it will be hoping to keep most of them for Audition #2 tonight.

TEN won its second night of the week with a mighty 32.0% share ahead of Nine’s 24.55 and Seven’s 21.5% -even Neighbours topped the 1m mark. The Biggest Loser also beat Underbelly which slipped to 1.7m. Seven is taking big hits to its US dramas Desperate Housewives (831,000) and Brothers and Sisters (635,000). The ABC’s Spooks slipped to 566,000 but SBS’ Top Gear was unaffected on a terrific 972,000.

TEN leads the week on a share of 31.1% to Nine’s 25.0% and Seven’s 23.9%. Seven still has Thank God You’re Here to launch on Wednesday. Can it top 2 million too?

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  1. Top Gear has a really dedicated audience! regardless of the competition it always seems to get almost identical ratings, even with repeats as we are getting now.

    it will be very interesting to see if this translates into better ratings for TG Australia

  2. TEN wins for the second night in a row? TBL beats the UB behemoth? Neighbours over a mill? It must be bizarro world! But, er, seriously, a deserved win to TEN. The Biggest Loser has proven just what an asset it is to TEN. Solid debut for MasterChef but the true test will be on weekdays at 7pm. TEN should be happy if it at least stays over the million mark. As for UB, not bad considering TEN’s outstanding numbers. And poor DH (not to mention B&S). Will it ever recover to the 1.2-1.3m it was getting last year?

  3. I knew that loser would do well but I didn’t think it would do that well and I am glad that it did the only reason why masterchef did 1.4 was because of loser being a lead in and out and I doubt very much that masterchef peaked at 1.9 it will drop tonight for sure ten reckons it is the most anticipated show of the year well if that is true why didn’t it get around 1.6 1.7

    Masterchef – the new big brother

    I don’t think so

    Masterchef – the most anticipated show of the year

    I don’t think so

    Doesn’t bother me if AJ is ousted next season just so long as they don’t replace her with Kyle and the kiss of death woman better known as Jackie O

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