Dance: It’s Talia!

18-year-old ballerina Talia Fowler has won the 2009 title of So You Think You Can Dance Australia.

dancewin18-year-old ballerina Talia Fowler has won the 2009 title of So You Think You Can Dance Australia. She wins $200,000 and the chance to dance in America on the US Dance finale.

“This has been the most amazing personal growth experience of my life,” she said.

“I have no insecurities anymore. I feel so confident. This show is amazing for any dancer out there. It’s surreal.”

dancewin2Talia pipped 19 year old hip hop dancer Charlie at the end. He takes home $15,000. Amy was third winning $10,000 and Ben takes $5,000 for fourth.

Host Natalie Bassingthwaighte confirmed the series would return in 2010.

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  1. Yeah George, I saw the start of Rove while waiting for F1 on One and it was dropping out like crazy in Melbourne. It’d stopped raining a while earlier though, was just a crappy connection with Sydney or something.

  2. RichoTB, the winner last year got the same cash amount as the winner this year… Congratulations to Talia – I voted for Amy, but I’m happy Talia got more votes than Charlie 😉 lol…

  3. rj, i heard it as well while gretel was being interviewed.. she said something about rehearsing.. you can really see the minor mistakes on live tv compared to pre-recorded. Was anyone else’s tv freezing at times during rove or giving a black screen for 1 second.. it couldn’t be the new tv..

  4. @rj

    It probably was her. However, I was half expecting something to go wrong in the sudden transition from the Dance studio to Rove’s.

    Also, did anyone from Melbourne (or anywhere else I guess) have a lot of dropouts during both Dance and Rove? Every now and again nearing the end of Dance and the first half of Rove the screen would go black but the TEN logo and sound would still be coming through.. Could it have been because of the wild weather down here for us Melbournians?

  5. That’s a lot of cash!! IIRC the winner last year only got something small like the chance to dance in a show for 3 months overseas or something like that, now they’re throwing out wads of cash too?

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