Farah Fawcett critical

Cancer-stricken actress Farah Fawcett is reportedly unconscious and in a critical condition in an LA hospital.

farah_fawcettActress Farah Fawcett, who has has been battling cancer for three years, has been hospitalised and is in a critical condition.

The former Charlie Angels actress recently returned from Germany, where she had experimental stem-cell treatment.

Sources say she is unconscious and has been hospitalised for days.

Fawcett was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and later pronounced cancer free at a press conference. Months later, however, the cancer returned, prompting Fawcett to pursue aggressive and sometimes experimental treatments.

UPDATE: Fawcett is expected to return home this week after treatment in a Los Angeles hospital, her doctor said overnight.

“She remains in good spirits with her usual sense of humour,” Dr Lawrence Piro said.

“If everything goes as we hope, we plan to discharge her later in the week.”

Her representative Craig Nevius said reports the actress was unconscious were not accurate.

“She’s not on death’s door,” said Nevius.

Source: Radaronline, TVGuide, news.com.au

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  1. Farah is the same age as I am, and I have always admired her, not just for her beauty but also for her acting ability and her strong, upbeat personality. I wish her the best in her fight for her life and hope that she’s with us for a long, long time.

  2. Life is not fair sometimes. She does not deserve this at all. I hope she is not in pain.

    I use to style my hair like hers in the mid-70’s…I had the “Farrah Fawcett” look…I loved that style…. I wanted to look like her. And even today it is still a style used…the feathered look.

    No matter how she now looks due to the ill effects of this terrible cance, she will always be beautiful Farrah to me. I think this is because she has a beautiful heart & soul.

    I hope she will be ok….I will pray for her.

  3. Hope she gets better soon I saw her in a movie called the burning bed in which she played Francine a victim of an abusive husband her character ended up giving the creep exactly what he deserved by setting the bed on fire and burring him to a crisp farah did an excellent job of portraying Francine

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