Glimpse at ONE ratings

onehd-logo4Today we get our first glimpse of audiences on ONE, after OzTAM began tracking its figures yesterday.

Results are tallied for ‘unique programming’ -that is, shows that only air on ONE. Yesterday there was 18.5 hrs of unique programming on ONE in Sydney.

For dual programming (ie. AFL on both ONE and TEN), figures are combined as TEN results.

Yesterday the top unique show on ONE was Tread BMX at 7pm with 53,000 viewers. There were 16,000 each in Sydney and Brisbane, 11,000 in Perth, 7,000 in Melbourne and 3,000 in Adelaide.

On a low-rating public holiday it scraped in as #98 for the day. The lower figures in some cities could suggest sports fans were watching other channels that had AFL during the day.

Sports Tonight – The Weekend Wrap at 7:30pm took 50,000.

Most days ONE figures are unlikely to be reported due to missing out on the daily Top 100 results. Next weekend, where there is no public holiday, will be more interesting to compare.

For other stories on ONE HD including regional information please click on show tag at end of story.

Week 16


  1. steve Vidler

    I wish one sticks by the guide that is printed each week, especially when Iam desperate to watch Marcos over in Nascar and I never seem to catch a replay, please one put Nascar Sprint, Moto gp. F1, and all other Good sports a few times each through the week, and to somewhat the same schedule as the TV guide has!

  2. Well it;’s not amazing but it;s not bad. 50,000 viewers for Sports Tonight at 7.30pm when shows on the main networks would have been betting 1 million or so.

    Don’t forget One is only in 55% of homes with digital, where as Ten and the others are in 10% of homes. Also, sports has limited appeal.

  3. rob that was my point, SC viewers should have been able to see all the monday sports because 10 and 1 showed exactly the same stuff, did they still not show them to you guys? what did you get all day instead if that is the case, infomercials? everyone in the whole country should have been able to watch the monday sports, therefore whatever ratings they get are the best possible because everyone had access.

  4. @bindi

    you don’t like sport – fair enough and your peeved because TEn HD has gone – fair enough but leave the preaching to what the potential or otherwise is of ONE HD until there is SC on board because it just sounds like sour grapes

    Tread BMX and BMX Meagtour are two of my weekly faves and Slamball started this week. Pro Bull Riding is also good and there is a good selection of ASP stuff which is a welcome addition

    Bindi, ONE is not there to be the No.1 rated channel, it’s a targeted niche channel and the advertsiing and programming content reflect that. Unfortunately Ten HD had very little to offer other than 8 or so hoours of HD docos during the afternoon and HD versions of existing shows, not a great business model for a struggling FTA TV industry. Also, watch King Lines this week for something different to complaining

  5. Bring on the IPL!
    ONE needs a series of events to get folks accustomed to tuning in on a regular basis. IPL will be that for us cricket-tragics.

  6. i also noticed that from 4am to 5pm on monday ONE and 10 were exactly the same except for an hour break for morning news. so that is a real indication of the maximum ONE could ever get, because all the ONE shows are on 10 they have penetration to 100% of the audience, not just digital viewers but analogue as well. plus people have the day off work. so whatever those sports get throughout monday is a preview of their maximum potential.

  7. The ratings do not include 2 million regional viewers & those watching via Foxtel /Austar .No do they include recordings on PVRs etc .The main FTA stations own OZTAM & seem to be biased against regional viewers & sbs/abc devotees. One Hd does not go to the regions ,as well.

  8. Jezza of the city

    I like One HD. The main reason is F1. Normally ch10 neglect this after the Aussie GP, often showing them at some stupid hour. It was great to watch the Malaysian GP live instead of the other crappy rubbish all the channels churn out on a Sunday night. As a result I now regularly have a look at ONE to see what is on. I hope they do well.

  9. well i knew they would be low but i thought the ratings would be a bit higher than that. even for the silly season (the easter one). i hope they get bigger. 7 and 9 are probably watching these ratings to see how much funding to put into their 2nd SDs.

    at this rate i would be putting ancient repeats and no first run shows at all ever on my 2nd SD.

  10. I can only report on what is supplied to me, which isn’t as detailed as the info networks receive. So yes anything more detailed and you’ll need to subscribe to OzTAM!

    TV Tonight endeavours to report a good cross section of ratings news in show titles, demos, cities, weekly and Pay TV (as well as an archive) but it will never be able to cover everything, every day guys…

    Share and audience data for channels ABC, 7, 9 and 10 represent network (aggregate) figures: they include all viewing to the broadcasters’ primary channel as well as SD and HD channels, whether the content is the same (simulcast) or different.

    Some ABC2 shows scrape into the Top 100 but not yesterday.

  11. maybe i miss understood but if a program doesn’t rate in the top one hundred does that mean the public wont what access to that shows ratings?

  12. So will ONE and TEN still be combined into the same nightly reported share? I thought the point was that they’d be reported as separate share figures? Or do I need to pay OZTAM a truckload of money to get that level of detail?

  13. I think what will really make them money is the demos. Sports tend to have high demo ratings, and that is what really makes money for networks these days. So even if they have low ratings, it could well be 75% are in 18-49, for example.

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