Seven in Killing Time crime drama

courtThe Age has reported that Channel Seven is developing a true-crime drama about Melbourne’s criminal underworld.

The project, tentatively titled Killing Time, will be based on a book by Melbourne criminal lawyer Andrew Fraser, Court in the Middle: A True Story of Cocaine, Police, Corruption and Prison.

It deals with Fraser’s fall from grace and his time defending such high-profile clients as Jason Moran, Lewis Moran and Victor Pierce.

Fraser was a high profile Melbourne based lawyer imprisoned in 2001 for being knowingly concerned with the importation of a commercial quantity of cocaine. In 2007, he gave an interview on Enough Rope.

TV Tonight hears Jason Stephens (The King) is producing the prime time series for FremantleMedia Australia with Ian David (Blue Murder) on board as writer.

Source: The Age


  1. @ Josh, its weird ey. I’m usually one of the first to critisise 9 for copying seven. For some reason its sooo much more annoying and devious when 9 copies 7, I can’t really explain it, i think because 9 is such a joke of a network that when they have to copy something to try to get in front people just see straight through it, as they’re absolutely desperate to grab back viewers.

    However I guess it can be seen the other way around, since Seven is the number one network they shouldn’t have to copy anything. I dunno, each network to themselves

  2. So where are the people that are always frist to criticise Nine for copying Seven???

    you all seem to be very quiet in this post….

    would it be a different case if seven had done Underbelly and now Nine were doing “Killing Time”????

    i think so

  3. David, you should have read the SMH guide last Monday – the story was there then, a whole 4 days earlier. (the column by Idato is repeated in The Age on Thursdays)

  4. ergh those green guide short news items are so unreliable. I wouldn’t say anything until there is a press release from 7. surely there will be.

    a 7 insider on mediaspy said this would be more of a telemovie.

  5. seven trying to make their own version of Nine’s Underbelly.

    Underbelly rules! Its seriously the most addictive thing i have ever seen on TV!

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