TEN backtracks on House promise

house1TEN is holding over next week’s episode of House and with it breaking a (silly) promise it made at the start of the ratings year to run the season for 12 weeks “with no repeats.”

Originally the episode “Simple Explanation” was set to screen next Wednesday night.

Now it is replaced by a repeat of “One Day One Room” and bumped to April 22nd.

This is also despite the network sending out information on the episode this morning, hyping the show’s content, including that FOX.com had more visitors to the website in the history of the network after the episode aired.

Looks like TEN just realised they have a hot episode that they want to play in official ratings. Can’t blame them for that. But what about that promise?

A TEN spokesperson said FOX was pre-empting episodes in the next few weeks and needed to create a buffer to satisfy delivery of the eps in time for fans of the show.

Compared to the second part of 2008 when it was dropping shows all over the place, TEN had been doing pretty well this year with programming too. Dropping shows and swapping episodes only confuses and angers viewers.

Making promises that aren’t kept is also a bit silly.


  1. There are many stating here that it isn’t surprising Ten took House off over Easter. Well, it is. They did promise 12 eps with no repeats…Bloody stupid promise to make though.

  2. As many have commented on here, it is hardly a surprise Ten are showing reruns instead of new eps over the ridiculous Easter non-ratings farce period. Surely this ratings holiday needs to be reviewed or moved to maybe mid-year, as it must be a scheduling pain-in -the-backside for networks, this early in the year. Just when we are getting into mid-seasons of most (esp US) shows, most shows (by all commercial nets) have been ‘rested’. This at a time when (esp Ten) are struggling for advertisor dollars and yet they show rubbish for two weeks. The cost of Aussie productions would justify a rest for two weeks, but resting US shows is ridiculous. How much do they expect viewers to tolerate from them??
    As long as we get this treatment, the more we will download or turn-off and the more money they will lose….

  3. It was a silly promise. They should have known they couldn’t have kept it. But I gave up on House years ago so it doesn’t affect me!

  4. Hmmm, sounds like false advertising to me. A call to the ACCC might be in order.
    Still, a great series that I’ve given up watching on free-to-air. Channel download has it available if I want to watch it.

  5. Glenn Petrie

    Obviously, Ten wants its viewers to illegally download TV shows via BitTorrent. No wonder “House” doesn’t rate in the Top 20 anymore.

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