Double CSI

csi2Nine has scheduled a double episode of CSI set for Sunday June 7th.

It will screen “The Descent of Man” and “Space Oddity” at 8:30 and 9:30pm respectively.

CSI:NY is pushed back to 10:30pm. In fact it was a return for Without A Trace that Nine was planning for 9:30pm, but that could have to wait a little longer.

Nine lost Sunday night to TEN this week, coming third for the night.


  1. What about The Evidence that was screening at 10:30 pm? There is still three episodes to go. Any word on if or when we will see these eps?

  2. richoTB, 9 are advertising ‘survivors’ as coming soon in quite a good promo. it’s a sci-fi from the UK. i rekon it will take the mentalist’s spot. other possibilities are here on sunday 9:30 or tuesday 8/9:30

  3. I fully expect CSI: Miami to come back very soon, either replacing Mentalist at 8.30 when it airs its season finale, or taking over CSI’s 8.30pm Sunday slot. It may even air twice a week like it did earlier this year for a while.

    Apart from that, they have Without A Trace (now axed), and could possibly move CSI: NY forward an hour. They really don’t have much to air. Ah well, there’s always more Adults Only 2.5 men and 20 to 1 they can pull off the shelf. There’s also 11th Hour, The Unusuals, (both now axed), Flashpoint, Fringe, Gossip Girl, ER, Survivor, Pushing Daisies, and Chuck (which have first-air rights on Foxtel), but we all know those shows won’t be there anytime soon.

  4. ITA, just look at last nights ratings when they replaced Underbelly re-runs with a movie that got thumped but 7 & 10!

    Seems like they still have not learnt anything and this will be the 3rd year in a row ch7 will win the ratings war.

  5. Gah! I should just be thankful that they’re keeping CSI:NY on (and why did they skip an ep when they brought it back?). Do they really think double CSI is going to do any better? Obviously Rove and Castle are on the up, and I doubt an ageing series (though I’m enjoying it more since Grissom left) is going to beat them.

  6. Nine’s lack of product is getting scary.

    It will now churn through its remaining new episodes of the fast-fading original CSI more quickly so will get to the point that it has to find new product for 8:30PM Sunday in a very empty cupboard.

    Seven can probably hardly believe their luck. Who would have thought 18 months ago that Bones would now dominate CSI so comprehensively?

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