Eurovision: the top 10?

alexander-rybakAnd here, according to the bookies are the top ten songs (more or less) in contention for Eurovision 2009. Norway’s kid with the violin is the clear favourite. It doesn’t hurt that he is also Russian born.

Greece’s sexy Sakis Rouvas sings “This is Our Night” co-composed by Aussies John Porteils and Cameron Giles-Webb. Turkey seems to rehashing an idea from a few years ago. The UK has a schmaltzy ballad composed by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber (who will be tinkling the ivories) and Diane Warren. France is straight out of Piaf-territory, the fabulous Chiara from Malta is making her third attempt and Sweden has gone decidedly popera this year.

NORWAY: Alexander Rybak “Fairytale”

GREECE: Sakis Rouvas “This is our Night”

TURKEY: Hadise “Dum Tek Tek”

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: Regina “Bistra Voda”

AZERBIJAN: AySel & Arash “Always”

UNITED KINGDOM: Jade Ewen “It’s My Time”

FRANCE: Patricia Kaas “Et s’il fallait le faire”

MALTA: Chiara

ICELAND: Yohanna “Is It True”

SWEDEN: Malena Ernman “La Voix”

Please note no spoilers from Semi Finals or Finals will be published until their screening in Australia.

Disclaimer: David Knox blogs Eurovision for SBS.


  1. Im so happy Eurovision is on this Sunday! Will we be watching it live??

    Greece has the best entry, as per usual so Go Greece! Im Greek so Im obliged to support them.. I saw Sakis Rouvas in concert. Thought I might add that in.. Go Greece!

  2. While I am still hoping that it will be a good show … all about the music this time instead of the politics … I have to say that i am not impressed with some of this top 10 …
    The Norway entry is terrible!
    The UK entry is boring, written by Sir Andrew but lost without a backstory!
    The Swedish entry is good but it was not the best option for Sweden this year (their voting system is insane!) … Alcazar with Stay The Night was much better for Eurovision!
    Greece and Sakis is good but not great, he is still very hot!
    Wonder what sort of mood I will be in on Monday??

  3. I watched the first eurovision semi final live on greek tv this morning! Its a fantastic show!! I recommend for everyone to watch it on SBS later this week. Greece to win Eurovision 2009 ! Go Sakis Rouvas!

  4. One can only hope that France takes it serious this year and provides a “half descent” entry. The past couple of years has been really bad. They seem to be loosing interest.
    B.T.W. Can someone please explain how Israel has a Eurovision entry every year yet they are clearly from the Middle East. This is something I have never been able to workout.???

  5. The bookies are a good indication of where the votes will go (after all, if you lay down a tenner on Norway, then you’ll phone-vote for them too eh?)

    But, the jury voting could make a hash of things. Which would be great, because you need a bit of controversy. Otherwise it’s just not Eurovision.

    Thank you for the non-spoilers.

  6. David, so glad you are spoiler free. No reading of any other blogs now the first semi has happened. Sunday is always so difficult to stay media zone free….

  7. Yay! Eurovision, I looked at the semi final qualifiers last year before the shows aired on SBS and it totally runied the show for me so im being strong this year and hoping and can go from now until Friday night without peeking!! i love Eurovision time, as sad and pathetic as it sounds, it really the one the highlights of my year..Id like to see some of the Western Countries score better this year, I know UK, France and Holland have all put a lot more work and money into choosing their entres this year then normal and hopefully with the Juries deciding 50% of thet voting in the final the ‘bloc’ voting wont be as obvious as it has been previously, but for my Douze Points to FInland…

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