FOX rejects Ab Fab remake

FOX Executives are said to have wondered if the pilot was really for their audience.

abfab1I think we’re all privately a little relieved at this one.

Absolutely Fabulous isn’t going ahead at FOX. Despite early talk the pilot was “hot, hot hot,” executives are said to have wondered if it was really for their audience.

It isn’t the first time the US has tried to adapt the hit series -the last time was with Roseanne Barr and Carrie Fisher. This time the script was from Saturday Night Live writer Christine Zander. Jennifer Saunders was involved as an executive producer, but who knows how hands on she was…

Relocated to LA the US version has Kathryn Hahn as Eddie and Kristen Johnston as Patsy.

Source: Deadline Hollywood,

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  1. I was considering this morning the fact Australians and the British consider themselves to have a different sense of humour which Americans can’t appreciate.

    I’m not saying this is my opinion but using that logic can I also say I don’t have the same sense of humour as Americans which is why I find programmes like Two and a Half Men and Rules of Engagement unfunny or is it my initial instinct and are they just terribly stupid shows?

  2. The same way Australian audiences like Australian shows, American audiences like American shows. If it was finacially viable, there would be even more Australian programing on our screens. In the US it IS viable, hence why 100% of US network TV is American.
    Jokes about UK morning TV stars, London department stores and British soap stars don’t really make sense to middle America.
    Australia remakes The Biggest Loser, Masterchef, Idol, Project Runway, Top Model, Big Brother, SYTYCD, 60 Minutes, Deal or no Deal, Millionaire for the Aussie market instead of screening foreign versions. Why – because the foreign versions (while cheap) dont get anywhere near the same ratings as Aussie versions.
    It’s the same in the US – it just extends to scripted fare as well – as US TV has more money to play with

  3. I’ve never understood why the Yanks always feel the need to remake shows that are in no way foreign. They can understand the language, the context, hopefully the jokes as well. Or is that last point the real stumbling block?

  4. I remember the paparazzi photos from them filming were terrible.

    Just as with Kath & Kim it was a completely watered down adaptation.

    I am relieved by this, very.

    When the Americans took to this and K&K they didn’t realise the importance of the appearance of the stars. Kim was a funny character because she’s supposed to be 25 and is played by a woman in her 40’s just as there aren’t many people in the world who have the increidble presence and unique beauty of Joanna Lumley.

  5. Thank god for that, maybe the americans are finally waking up to the fact that alot of the remakes of other countries shows they do are awful(i know the office is not one of them, but this is a rare example).
    Maybe they should concentrate on making original shows and not pinching/borrowing/remaking UK or Australian comedies or dramas.

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