Gold Logie: It’s Rebecca!

Rebecca Gibney has won Gold and Silver at the 2009 Logie Awards capping off a dream run for Packed to the Rafters.

l40Rebecca Gibney has won the Gold Logie for 2009, on top of winning the Silver Logie for Most Popular Actress.

“Thankyou Tasmania, I think you got me over the line!” said Gibney.

Gibney beat the other front runner Neighbours Ian Smith.

“Ian Smith had England voting for him!

“I know we sometimes pooh pooh the Logies but this is so bloody marvellous. I’m really, really thrilled!” she said.

The award was presented by Gold Logie winners Georgie Parker and Lisa McCune.

rgPacked to the Rafters won almost every category in which it was nominated except Most Outstanding Drama which went to Underbelly, Most Popular Actor and Most Oustanding Actress.

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  1. @Patrick – they appeared on the Red Carpet and were interviewed in the arrivals show. That was it. Very strange that they didn’t present an award – most international guests in the past have done that (other than performers). Why bring them all the way out here just to walk the red carpet?

  2. I’m glad Rebecca won – she’s a good actress and has paid her dues in the industry over many years. As to the awards themselves……I found the whole presentation to be very lacklusture and missing spark. Gretel seemed forced in her deliver and her attempts at humour weren’t much better. What was with the ‘fast forward’ of certain awards? I realize some of them were for the Documentary categories but I’d rather see the winners get their moment to shine rather than just a small snippet.

    Another thing – where were those 2 Days of Our Lives stars that were meant to be there – Peter Reckell and Kirsten Alfonso? I read some publicity about them and naturally assumed since TV Week flew them over here they would at least present 1 award……didn’t see hide nor hair of them at all. Did I miss them during the coverage or didn’t they turn up?? Personally the best moments were Bill Collins receiving his Hall of Fame award – but why was Sarah Murdoch presenting it? Surely David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz would have been more appropriate?

    I also liked the Memoriam of recently deceased stars – although again why was it rushed? I would have preferred to see some more snaps of them instead of a quick glance. Loved seeing Don Lane’s son there too – nice to know that even if Lane can’t be there himself at least he was represented somehow. Generally this year’s awards were a pretty poor effort – bring back Bert I say!!!!

  3. It amuses me that while people are very happy for the Underbelly or Packed To The Rafters casts to win, many feel that Kate Ritchie didn’t deserve to win or even be nominated because she “wasn’t on air for very long last year”. Kate was on air for around 10 weeks – Underbelly and PTR were on air for around 13 weeks. What’s the big difference?! Kate probably had more air time than many of the nominees, too, since she was involved in major storylines on a drama that airs 2.5 hours a week, compared to one hour each of Underbelly and PTR.

  4. @Travis

    I guess the internet voting may have been possible but wasn’t the voting to decide the winner for Gold only phone voting? I thought that may have stopped those in the UK.

    Also I tried looking around some Neighboursfans sites on the forums to see if there was any feedback in the UK and they said nothing was mentioned on Channel 5 over there.

  5. Very happy to see Rebecca win. And wasn’t it nice to see her looking so delighted with the win.

    I didn’t want Rove to win (agree with many of the other comments) or Ian Smith. Have wanted and were happy with Kate’s win in the previous 2 years however she was only on TV for such a small amount in 2008.

    Would have been also been happy if Adam Hills had been the upset win. Still waiting for the years when either he or Spicks or Specks nabs one of them from Rove.

  6. Andrew’s right – it looked like there was a beer coaster stuck underneath the award.

    Aren’t we guessing who was off their faces on substances other than alcohol yet? There were at least two obvious guilty parties that I spotted.

  7. Well won Rebecca !! you were a stand out to win, great actress !

    The rest of the Logies seemed to go as expected but I agree with ‘Travis’ s comments that Rove got 2 more than he deserved, and yes Rove does come over as a smart ass.

  8. Was really hopeful for Ian to win. Bummer that he didn’t. I guess it was good to see that he had a lot of support there from the cheers and so on at least.

    I don’t think he had England helping out though as Rebecca said? Not sure if was even possible for those over there to vote even if they knew about it.

    Oh well.. I guess PTTR steamrolled anyone else in any category that it’s actors were in (as it would have been good to see Margot Robbie win too.. she really brought Donna to life).

  9. whoever at TV Week decided it was a good idea to plaster the magazine’s logo on the base of the award really needed to check it was going to be the right way up! Every time now I see someone grasping a Logie, the TV Week logo is upside down

  10. I know its not directly related to the gold logie but i was wondering if anyone knows what the song was during the credits. Something along the line of “life and music”, only asking because have had not luck googling.

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