Idol dumps Monday verdict show

TEN wises up and decides this year to eliminate Idol contestants in its Sunday night show.

idoljChannel TEN has dropped its Monday night “verdict” edition of Australian Idol.

Instead audition and eliminations will now take place on Sundays in a two hour format.

The move should help drive viewers to the one product, and avoid TEN under-performing in the Monday timeslot when many fans became frustrated with a 60 (and sometimes 70) minute show essentially built around five minutes of relevant drama.

“I think all of us realised that it was a bit of a struggle for an hour. All you can do is try to improve,” Dicko told the Sunday Herald Sun.

Last year he conceded, “Idol’s Monday night was always a bit of a naff for the audience because it was really just 15 minutes of content rolled out over an hour, but we’ve recognised that and strengthened it.”

Guess they didn’t strengthen it enough….

The change could also see Idol pull in more phone-line revenue, if lines stay open longer. But it will be tough on contestants if they are left  to rehearse a number only to be booted at the top of a show.

Still, Dancing with the Stars does the same trick but booting at the end of the show.

Meanwhile former host James Mathison today said he quit the show to try new challenges, adding that he never expected the gig to last so long.

“I just felt like I needed a break from it. It’s not that I don’t like TV, but if you do anything for six years you’re, like, what other challenges are there?”

As for the audition tour currently underway, while Dicko told one newspaper numbers were down, Brissy’s Sunday Mail reckons they are up.

Source: Herald Sun, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Mail

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  1. I dont want anymore males on the panel so if it is Brian then it is a waste of time bringing in a 4th judge. Dannii i think would suit the show in a way and at least she tells it like it is not like Marsha saying it was good. Marsha hardly ever criticises anyone and i am so over her. I say bring on some other female judge who has the balls to tell them like it is. I mean Kyle used to but now he’s gone soft.

    Also i would love to see Simon Cowell as a guest. I love him on American Idol and i think he would definitely put fire under the contestants

  2. They should bring over Simon Cowell as a guest judge for at least one ep, the original and the best. That dude makes every moment amusing television, Kyle and Dicko have nothing on that guy.

  3. @guy
    There definitely is a fourth judge although I’m not sure its Dannii Minogue or Brian McFadden. I believe its leading more towards Brian as he has been doing the whole audition tour. But who knows …

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