NBC renews Heroes & Medium.

arqNBC has unveiled programming for its all-important Fall season, announcing new medical action-dramas, Trauma and Mercy, the one-hour dramedy Parenthood, starring Peter Krause and Maura Tierney, and, for February, the apocalyptic series Day One.

In comedy, 100 Questions for Charlotte Payne and Community featuring Chevy Chase and Joel McHale received orders. Southland and Parks and Recreation, starring Amy Poehler, received 13-episode orders. Parks was the comedy rushed in to replace Kath & Kim.

Heroes also received a pickup.

UPDATED: Patricia Arquette’s Medium, although initially reported as receiving a pickup on Sunday morning, is expected, but not confirmed. An exact order for episodes is still to be announced.

The network postponed the verdict two of its remaining series, Chuck and veteran Law & Order.

Kath and Kim still has no clarity and there were no surprise saves for Life or My Name Is Earl.

Among the pilots still in contention are the new dramas from David E. Kelley and Dick Wolf.

Previously announced series pickups include The Office, 30 Rock, The Biggest Loser, The Celebrity Apprentice, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Friday Night Lights, and new reality series series The Marriage Ref, Breakthrough With Tony Robbins and Who Do You Think You Are?

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Variety


  1. Well it seems Bryan Fuller has taken back the reins on Heroes (from ep20 of season 3 apparrently) and will stick with the show in season 4, so there’s hope for a turnaround. That said, they really need to get rid of Sylar (as they should have at the end of season one) and ditch half the characters.

    Day One (from former Heroes writer Jesse Alexander) doesn’t inspire much confidence. Looks like a rehash of Jericho, and look how long that lasted!

  2. Word is that Life is indeed cancelled,

    And Chuck if renewed it most likelt won’t be kept on mondays and replaced with a new show to pair with heroes. So it seems they are still working out their schedual, to see if there’s room for chuck else where. If not, it’ll be cancelled. Stupid F’ing Jay leno stuffing up things!

  3. I’m not believing anything about Chuck until i see a mention from NBC themselves. I really hope it gets renewed.

    I’m 95% sure Earl will be back, even if it is on FOX. It is very close to the magic 100 episodes for syndication, and given that it is a FOX produced show, they are likely to pick it up if NBC don’t. FOX even picked up til death for another season, so that should be some form of good news for Earl by comparison.

    Are you still watching Heroes, David? Seems like you want it to end badly.

  4. The latest episodes of Heroes (Vol 4) are much better than the previous 2 volumes. If they can keep up the quality, then another season will be good. if not, let it finish with dignity, like Prison Break will be (which went on way too long).

  5. I have read Chucks renewed, but if that was the case, why not announce it yet?

    Maybe they’re wanting the writers to give a solid story proposal for the next season, or just to make a bigger fuss about it???

    It better be renewed, such a great show.

  6. Hey

    Medium has not been renewed… yet! If you read the articles, NBC said they were misquoted and that its renewal would be decided on May 19th.

    Again, Medium has yet to be renewed.

    • Hollywood Reporter appears to have amended its copy from the original story. This line “Patricia Arquette’s Medium received a pickup Sunday morning, though its exact order was being worked out and expected to be in the 13-18 episode range” was a direct quote from THR when I logged the story. Sounds like the misquote saw them amend the copy…. as noted:

      By James Hibberd
      May 4, 2009, 10:14 AM ET
      Updated: May 4, 2009, 08:45 PM ET

      Thanks for the heads up!

  7. As for Medium, I’m happy that its been renewed, but the show has been rather lackluster since Allison was outed at the end of season three. Lately the mysteries have become very predictable, Allison has become waaaaaaaay too santicmonious a character, and the whiny oldest daughter has gotten far too much screen time. Joe still makes the show watchable though.

    Still only seen the pilot of Chuck (and according to Moviehole’s Clint Morris – via Twitter – it has been renewed, just not formally), but I liked it, and hope for the fans that it gets renewed. L&O should get one more season and that ought to be it though. I think NBC are making an unwise move with this new Leno show. Surely in terms of overseas sales a program like that can’t be as profitable (or marketable) as a scripted or reality show?

    I’m betting this will be the final season for Heroes though…

  8. Life’s last episode resolved a lot of the storyline, including who framed Crews, why they did it and Crews kicking their ass as a result. As PT Ryan said FOX are looking to pick up My Name Is Earl if it gets cancelled by NBC, but fans of Chuck and L&O won’t find out their fates until May 19th. I’d expect both to be renewed, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Chuck was cancelled out of nowhere. The cancellation of Moonlight was out of nowhere as well

  9. So we are to be left hanging in relation to the conspiracies on Life. At least Life on Mars is promissing to tie up loose ends. I’m very disappointed.

  10. koverstreet

    Awesome to see that Medium was renewed as it was “on the bubble”. I love this show and it’s nice to know there is at least one more season.

    As for Life well it was kind of expected but still it’s depressing. It did have some closure but I would have loved to have seen some more seasons of Crews,Reece etc.

  11. As for Earl, I hear FOX are interested in it. Otherwise, don’t really care. Too many Scientologists in it for my taste, let alone that American white-trash humour is as done to death as Aussie bogan humour.

  12. Weird that they’re attempting another TV version of Parenthood. There was a short-lived adapation in the early 90s featuring a young Leonardo DiCaprio and Joss Whedon was one of the writers. Still, the cast looks good. As for Life, I hear that ended with some closure, right?

  13. Neon Kitten

    Eeep, does this mean Life is a definite goner? Argh! No! One of the best shows on TV at the moment, that one.

    Great to see Medium picked up, and it should have been a full season, the show’s quality’s only gotten better with each season.

    Heroes, however, should have been killed off and the budget used to fund five better shows. It’s clear by now that it’s never going to return to the quality we saw in the first season (apart from the season 1 finale, which was a completely rubbish indicator of things to come).

    Meanwhile, Peter Krause back on TV: good. Show title: worrying. What a shame Dirty Sexy Money was prematurely killed by the WGA strike.

  14. Unofficial reports over the weekend are that Chuck will be back but as you said no announcement until sometime this week, there is even a save-Chuck twitter page and web site.

    Yes I like Chuck!

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