Returning: Silent Witness

27The ABC returns UK thriller Silent Witness to screen this month.

There are 6 episodes in the twelfth series, with Emilia Fox, William Gaminara and Tom Ward as the team of forensic pathologists uncovering the truth behind suspicious deaths in one of the most successful and long-running crime dramas.

In the opening episode Leo is arrested for drink-driving. The end result is that he finds himself doing community service on a rough London estate, where gang violence among kids is common. When Nikki investigates the murder of a young girl from the same estate, Leo finds himself in the midst of a violent turf war.

It’s back 8:30pm Friday 22nd of May on ABC1.


  1. Nelle Hamilton

    Can anyone tell me how last week’s Silent Witness ended? I watched it up to Hplly’s murder and the team keeping things from the police. thanks

  2. Yep, and folks should be aware that there is 12 eps and they are all 2 parters, recorded and joined the are all movie length eps, very cool that, can’t wait

    Many thanks to ABCTV for saving me from free tv in this country

  3. I really like Silent Witness a few years back with the original doc, but I’ve kind of lost track. Wow, 12 seasons…

    I’d kinda be happy with another season of Wire in The Blood, in all honesty.

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