Susan Boyle returns to Britain’s Got Talent

susan_boyleLet’s get this out of the way, as the most inevitable news of the week.

Susan Boyle has qualified for the finals of Britain’s Got Talent.

Singing “Memory” from Cats, Boyle quickly recovered from a shaky start live up to audience expectations, and they certainly know how to light her.

Piers Morgan said” “I thought you looked absolutely beautiful tonight and more importantly you sang beautifully as well. And the great thing about you is, that when the world was going through a pretty tough time, and was looking for a bit of hope and inspiration, along came Susan Boyle to provide it. Thank you Susan.”

Simon Cowell apologised and added: “You are one special lady, you really are.”

He even gave her a standing ovation. And why not? She made the show famous around the world. Even Homer Simpson referenced her recently. Even the Queen has personally requested an appearance at the Royal Variety Performance -which will fulfill Boyle’s dream.


  1. campgrenada

    Neon Kitten, I think you need to put those claws away! Miaow!

    Sure, the show is not genuine in its attempts to find real talent with all its manipulation and disinterestedness, but it is entertaining to see “ordinary” people attempt to show their talents, no matter what they may be. To degrade great acts like Diversity and Flawless, whose dance performances in the semis had great inventiveness and choreography, is just wrong. If these two dance acts had proper training, they would be fantastic. And what’s wrong with trying to win money by doing something you love?? Perhaps you thumb your nose because you were an Australia’s Got Talent reject?

    Also, to pick on Paul Potts is pretty harsh IMO. His CDs are what they are: popera songs dumbed down to the masses. He doesn’t pretend to be the next great opera discovery, just an average bloke who likes to sing songs in an operatic style. I saw him in concert at the Sydney Opera House and he was fine. I’ve also seen David Hobson and Teddy Tahu Rhodes at the same venue and most non-opera fans wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

    What I didn’t agree with is the blatant pimping afforded Ms. Boyle. Yes, it is predictable and unavoidable, but they could’ve definitely made it less obvious!

    BTW, I’d rather watch Britain’s Got Talent than Australia’s Got Talent or America’s Got Talent, although Terry Fator (the winner of America’s Got Talent Season Two) was a genuinely world class ventriloquist.

  2. Agree with posters here. That performance was a bit underwhelming. But then again, she’s not professional and there was a lot of pressure on her to give a similar performance to her first one. We’ll see how she goes in the final. She’ll have to perform better in the final if she wants to perform in front of the Queen.

  3. Although she got off to a shaky start, she soared after that (as David has suggested, even though the other comments here suggest otherwise). The world’s media turned Susan into a star and if she has an unfair advantage, it’s because she’s such a brilliant singer. There’s no denying that had she not had such an amazing voice, no one would have cared about her. Once her performance had been aired, the media frenzy began and it wasn’t whipped up by Britain’s Got Talent or by Susan Boyle herself – it was the media. Would it have been fair to remove her from the show simply because the world has gone crazy for her? The whole idea of the show is to showcase Britain’s talent and this is exactly what it’s done, only I don’t think anyone expected it to attract global interest.

    I wish Susan the very best of luck and hope she wins next weekend. She certainly deserves to with a talent like that.

  4. Neon Kitten

    Campgrenada, I don’t know why what happens on this two-bit non-talent quest from thousands of miles away rates a mention at all, quite honestly.

    It’s not, despite its title, about “talent”. It’s not about auditioning and discovering “stars”. It’s about finding freaks, basically, to attract people to watch.

    Yeah, Paul Potts got an album deal – but the album’s utterly awful. Boyle’s inevitable clich├ęd-Lloyd-Webber-pap-filled album will be just as bad.

    I’d argue the title should be changed to Britain’s Got Problems. I mean, look at their entry to Eurovision this year. Three minutes of glory-notes with not a proper tune anywhere to be seen. And Lloyd-Webber.

  5. campgrenada

    She started off with a few poor notes, got better, and then petered out. It was nowhere near her audition performance, possibly because of nerves. However, she could’ve just stood there, let out a big burp, and she would’ve still made the final. The internet has created a monster, so let’s hope she does way better in the final.

    Then again, the way she was pimped beyond ridiculous always gave her an unfair advantage. How about getting the last performance spot of the night so that she makes the most recent impression on the voters? How about throwing five other ‘fodder’ acts in to ensure she at least makes the Top Three performances of the night? How about getting given the first semi to ensure she gets at least five days preparation for the final, unlike eight of her fellow nine finalists, who get much less preparation time? Need I go on?? Why is she even on the show with such unfair advantages? As soon as she made it through last night, the story was all over the internet news, Perez Hilton, everywhere; today’s second semi hardly rates a mention at all in comparison.

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