V for very tempting

The remake of V indicates it is no longer the campy, 80s schlocker but something morphed from the Disaster genre.

elizabeth-mitchellIt’s a bit War of the Worlds, Independence Day, maybe even The 4400.

V is a remake of the campy alien schlocker from the 80s and the trailer for the new ABC series. Now it looks like something from the Disaster genre.

The trailer looks pretty darn tempting, with a cast including Eliabeth Mitchell (Lost‘s Juliet). Party of Five‘s Scott Wolf also appears, all grown up.

Of course sci-fi remakes, reimaginings and revisits rarely have any long term success. Dr Who, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica are three of those that sit at the top of the heap.

V premieres in the US in the Fall season.

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  1. I think this show looks good, but i don’t think it will last long. At the max 2 seasons, and the second season will be given as an act of faith in the series, not due to it’s success.

  2. campy: something that provides sophisticated, knowing amusement, as by virtue of its being artlessly mannered or stylized, self-consciously artificial and extravagant, or teasingly ingenuous and sentimental.

    I’ll tell you something for free David, V was better than any of the rubbish dished up by free tv these days

  3. as a 5-6yr old when the original aired, the only thing i can remember was the budgie eating scene – and some faces being ripped off. Yeah, I had a few dozen sleepless nights after that lol

  4. @RichoTB apparently V will screen mid season, so you can probably expect a Jan-Feb 2010 debut (short season, something like 13 eps). Hopefully it will rate as well as it did the first time around. Apparently the only reason it was cancelled after just one season (after the 2 mini-series) is that is was so expensive to make. Let’s hope that that’s not a reason this time around, cos it looks pretty expensive to me!

  5. Loved the original, really look forward to this. I hope Sci Fi gets first show rights, then an FTA 2nd. If 9 have 1st rights, then like others have said, it will be mistreated, like everything else they put on. Hopefully 7 so we can see in HD as well.

  6. Been a fan of V ever since Independence day prompted nine(I think) to re-run the miniseries. Kinda surprised it’s on ABC. The original was on NBC and since 2004 they had been in talks to make a new series of V.

  7. Yeah this show is definitely slated for mid-season, (Jan-May). Where it will go in the ABC schedule is yet to be determined. However if one of the other new shows fail ABC might bring it in earlier. It sucks though that Channel 9 has this because i know they will probably ruin it like they do every other damn show. Still they will have the promotion during the Winter Olympics but of course who knows how they will cover those also.

  8. Are you sure V is slated for the fall season David? Its not on the schedule they announced in the upfronts, the new shows they slated are Shark Tank, The Forgotten, the 4 new comedy shows on Wednesdays, Eastwick and Flash Forward. I reckon it’ll come out midseason unless one of the new shows flops.

  9. Brilliant, loved the original! Hope it goes to payTV actually – at least they’ll play out the full season without interruption. Can’t see this working the way Merlin is for the FTA networks

  10. The various trailers look fantastic! I can’t wait! I was a big V fan back in the day, and got to meet Jane Badler on Cluedo when I was the winner of one of the eppys. I was disappointed when she wouldn’t swallow a rat for me!

  11. don’t forget to mention joel gretsch from the 4400, morena baccarin from firefly and laura vandervoort from smallville, looks very appealing. lets hope one of the FTA’s picks it up since lately all the good stuff has gone to foxtel, and if they do pick it up dear god let it not be 9.

  12. This along with Cougar Town looks like 2 great shows for the Fall season. BTW I loved the original, it was recently on SciFi.

    Do we know how has local right, please not Nine as we know it would be on for 2 weeks before being bumped!

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