Darwin to star in new SBS drama, Dusty.

darwinSBS has commissioned a new crime drama series to be set in Darwin, featuring the character of ‘Detective Dusty Buchanon’ from Phillip Gwynne’s novel “The Build Up.”

Dusty will be a 13 part series to be produced by TMG Media, headed up by Michael Lawrence (who was a producer on Bra Boys) and Glenys Rowe (producer, Feeling Sexy).

“What a joy it is to find an audacious new approach to drama,” said SBS’s Director of Content ‐ Television and Online, Matt Campbell. “In these tough economic times SBS is proud to be able to support writers and producers who want to make something truly innovative.

Dusty will not just be your average crime‐a‐week Aussie series, but something that makes audiences realise just how compelling television can be. The series is the perfect example of what talented people working closely with a forward thinking and engaged network like SBS can achieve. I am tremendously excited by it.”

Writer Phillip Gwynne, who also penned Australian Rules said: “This is a wonderful chance to make something that is both epic and intimate, to showcase the extraordinary landscape, history and people of the Top End.”

Glenys Rowe said: “Thus far we have Academy nominated Chris Noonan to direct, with Phillip Gwynne heading up a writing team that will include a major journalist as well as name screenwriters from both the UK and US. We intend to make a series that will change the way audiences think about television. It’s a cracking yarn.”

Gwynne has been contracted by Pan MacMillan to write another two novels in the Dusty series.


  1. Susie Porter is sexy enough 🙂

    This is a change for SBS. This is a 13 part series, while in the last couple of years, SBS has done 6 part series only. Hopefully Dasty would be as good as RAN, East West 101 and the Circut (pass sbs productions)

  2. David, I’m not sure. Dusty is a very gutsy character who is also physically very fit and portrayed as a mad keen runner. Susie Porter actually sprang to mind when I first read the book (but I’m not sure if that was because I’d seen RAN).

    Or someone ballsy like Virginia Gay from All Saints. She deserves a leading role I would think.

  3. Glenys Rowe said: “Thus far we have Academy nominated Chris Noonan to direct”

    ha, i love how she left out the part where he’s also her other half.

  4. I’m looking forward to this show, I’m hoping its going to be a cross between underbelly a tale of two cities and an unfairly axed favaroute of mine The Strip.

    Vanessa Grey where are you?

  5. This is great news – I’m always happy to see Aussie dramas that are not set in Sydney & Melbourne. Off topic, I’m surprised that you haven’t mentioned Ten’s new telemovie about Caroline Byrne ?

  6. Big claims there. “We intend to make a series that will change the way audiences think about television”, “something that is both epic and intimate”. I might watch the first episode just to see if its better than the Aussie cop shows on the commercial networks which are often too melodramatic and over-acted for me to take seriously.

  7. This is terrific news. The Build Up was a great book and it’s excellent to see Darwin in a lead television role. Good on ya Phillip! Who will play Dusty though?

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