Defamation case over Molloy comments

mmNetwork TEN is being sued by a 2007 federal Labor candidate over comments by Mick Molloy aired in June last year on Roving Productions’ Before The Game.

Nicole Cornes, who didn’t win a seat at the election, is also the wife of former Adelaide AFL coach Graham Cornes. She is suing Molloy for defamation, along with TEN branches in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, which broadcast his comments.

Molloy later made an on-air apology.

The case will be heard in Adelaide despite an attempt to move the case to Victoria.

Source: AAP /


  1. This woman is utterly ridiculous. Not only was she an embarrassment to Labor in the last federal election, she’s an embarrassment to herself. In a election that saw Liberal seats drop like flies, the Liberal’s Andrew Southcott won the Adelaide seat of Boothby by a mile.

    Anyway, she’s only drawing attention to herself again for all the wrong reasons. I heard on ABC NewsRadio last week that Molloy’s being sued because he “questioned her fidelity” on-air… Nobody would’ve noticed if she didn’t bring on this court case.

  2. Um so, only people that like football heard the comments, so who cares. Its not like it was broadcast on the news.

  3. The comments were over a year ago, Molloy apologised, the world had forgot about it. So she wants to raise the issue again, because….??? It could be argued she didn’t have a reputation to defame anyway. And this action is doing more damage to her already low reputation than the original comments did. She’s not a smart cookie. I can’t believe she managed a law degree.

  4. Don’t you have to be famed before you can be defamed 😛 I live in melbourne and i’ve never heard of her.

    Id like to know what mick said, he has insulted quite a few people in his career probably ‘defamed’ a few in the name of comedy, and as far as i know never been sued (at least successfully). Mick isn’t as bad as sam newman, so i doubt there is much if any basis for it.

    Since i dont know what mick actually said, but knowing what he has said in the past, i think she probably needs to grow a spine. If she is as famous as she thinks she is, she should get used to it.