Is Dancing with the Stars the best live show 10 has made since Australian Idol?

Producing Live variety TV is not easy, and sometimes even the ratings don't reflect it.

Watching Dancing with the Stars last night I was again reminded just how well-produced this show is.

The contestants were working up a frenzied storm, three entertaining group performances hauled in the judges to dance and Amanda Keller again proved what a classy act she is, hosting 2 hours of primetime Live all on her own.

The show also threw in the dapper Scott Tweedie and a very excited Bindi Irwin. To bring all these moving parts together with costumes, live band, lighting, staging and audience keeps everybody on their toes. One minute it’s a romantic waltz, then an Annie showstopper or something sizzling in grunt and sweat. It puts the ‘show’ back into showbiz.

While the TV ratings may not reflect it, I’m hard-pressed to think of a better Live to Air production 10 has delivered since its Australian Idol days. Those grand finals at the Sydney Opera House had it all from helicopter shots, fireworks, indoor / outdoor broadcasts and talented performers.

Looking back, what are the other obvious contenders? Rove, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, The Project, Sunday Night Takeaway, Studio 10, The Circle, Before the Game, Australia Day concerts and Big Brother live eviction shows.

Readers are also very positive about the show:

Catherine: “Well I watched dwts and I really hope 10 renew it. It was good last night. Loved seeing the judges dance and it is a feel good no drama entertainment show. Amanda is great as host and I really enjoyed scott tweedie last night.”

Cazz81: “I really hope after MAFS ends next week, the ratings for DWTS rises a decent amount. It’s such a well produced and entertaining show, 10 have really done a great job putting it back on air.”

Bruce Banner: “Agree 100%, I hope it returns in 2020 as well, but perhaps it needs to air away from such strong competition next time around.”

andrewg76: “So true, I really enjoyed last night. Especially when the Judges did their dances especially Craig’s. Sharna also did well.”

Beckala: “So true, I love it. Love the format, they chose some great celebrities, the judges are really effective. And some really interesting ideas like the judges dancing last night – that was awesome!!”

Congrats to Warner Bros, producing for BBC Studios.

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  1. I think that #Takeaway and Dancing With the Stars are the greatest live shows in the 2010’s! Everyone must get onto these fun laugh-out-loud and exciting entertainment. I love them!

  2. I never watched DWTS on Seven but am really enjoying this series. At least Ten is trying to come up with family friendly viewing and different programming. Now get them to bring back Big Brother!

  3. Good Post David. Credit really has to be given to 10 for investing in big budget productions in 2019 with DWTS and SNT. Just a real pity they are not rating, and hope this does not deter them from investing in the future. (Hope fully Rove’s return rates better later in the year). To answer your question David, Yes Oz Idol and Big Brother really set the standard. They were a great finish to the TV ratings year when they were on for 10. Personally I think today an Oz Idol would attract more viewers as not everybody is into dancing. But having said that from a big budget perspective, I would say DTWS has the most production value we have seen ever in a regular series. That set, lighting and visual projection on the floor is mightly impressive, together with the judges and hosts, it makes for an impressive production. Well done 10 and everyone involved.

  4. They still pretend it’s for charity? UK celeb shows stopped that pretence along time ago – indeed the British version (Strictly) scrapped the phone contribution to Children in Need as thanks to the politics of the BBC it was deemed to be an involuntary donation ripping off the viewers. Most UK shows have free app or online voting now anyway.

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