Eddie tipped for Winter Olympics

eddiem1Eddie McGuire could be Nine’s key host for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Nine has the rights for the games to be staged in Vancouver, Canada.

Channel Nine is reported as having hired journalist Stephen Phillips to co-write on-air roles for McGuire.

One executive told the Sunday Herald Sun, “Eddie is in the mix to host the games. He’s the right fit.

“It will be at least three weeks before we make an announcement and, though nothing is set in stone, Eddie’s sporting background sees him right up there.”

The games are to be staged from February 12 – 28, timed perfectly for the 2010 ratings season which should commence February 7, and before McGuire’s commitments for the official AFL season.

McGuire’s coup will be a blow to Ken Sutcliffe, who is still likely to have a role in the station’s Winter Olympics broadcasts.

As well as fronting Hot Seat for Nine, McGuire’s next game show Heads or Tails is in development.

Nine shares the Winter Games events with Foxtel.

Source: Sunday Herald Sun


  1. As far as I’m concerned, Ken Sutcliffe is the respected face of Nine’s Wide World of Sport. Eddie is a source of amusement for the gossip pages. Reward Kenny for his years of loyal service to Nine. He could’ve walked and gone to Seven any number of times over the past few years. He actually adds credibility to Nine’s news in spite of laughable “reporting” efforts from Danny Wiedler and the starched performance of the main reader.

  2. @gerry, “Nine may show the Olympics on Nine, and the cricket on GO! channel 99” good point, wonder if they are going to have the Olympics on the 2 channels at the same time, i mean different sports on different channels at the same time.

  3. no, the olympics probably aren’t even going to be on in Australian primetime due to time differences. olympics will finish like mid afternoon, then the cricket could be shown at night!

  4. im curious where the hs got the idea of Lake Louise from, i did some research and Lake Louise only has a population of 1000 defiantly not suitable as a host city lol,plus according to google maps it about 2700km from Vancouver. i posted a comment on the hs site telling them its Vancouver, wonder if they will end up correcting it. that one of the thing i like about tv tonight is that you always post, read and respond to comments, and use information, corrections from readers in your articles

  5. Seeing as Eddie is Everywhere on gameshows, it’s hard to remember that he is very good at his sport commitments.

    He may be suited very well to the role, but Nine has many sports stars on their network: Gianne, Grant Hackett, Ken Sutcliffe, etc…

    Either way, Nine’s coverage of the Olympics in the past has always been better than Seven’s coverage last year – that was shocking, and yet it won like a medal.

    • Thanks guys… grumble grumble bloody H Sun source…..”The Collingwood president and TV personality is likely to be the front man for the network’s coverage of the Games in Lake Louise, Canada, next year.”

      Bogues: Olympics will fall in ratings weeks so they are official. However in interpreting ratings results advertisers (and rival networks) always insist those weeks be excluded because they are ‘abnormal’ weeks. But they are still official. Hope this makes fuzzy logic?

  6. The Winter Olympics will clash with Nine’s telecast of the limited overs cricket series between Australia and West Indies (one-dayers on February 14 and 19, and Twenty20 matches on February 21 and 23). It will be interesting to see Nine juggles its coverage of the Olympics and the cricket.

  7. Lake Louise is nowhere near where the Olympics is. They’re actually being held in Vancouver and Whistler… a good 900 kilometers west.

    Besides, any “primetime” coverage will only contain ‘best of’ vision, as all the competition is during the morning and daytime (Aus time).

  8. Hi David,

    Aren’t the Olympic games weeks excluded from the official ratings, even if they are in season? I seem to recall that Seven’s four Olympic weeks last year weren’t counted. Just like the two Easter weeks aren’t counted.

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