Good News Week bumps Supernatural

Good News Week could prove to be bad news for fans of Supernatural, given that TEN has just extended it by another 30 minutes.

supernatural_3Good News Week could prove to be bad news for fans of Supernatural tonight, given that TEN has just extended the former by another 30 minutes tonight.

It’s the second time recently that TEN has made a late change on these shows. Last time viewers were pretty agreed the jokes on GNW were too good to cut.

The Late News moves to 11pm and Letterman to 11:45pm.

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  1. I am disappointed with GNW because they never finish on time & fed up about it. I am a huge fan of Supernatural, make it fair for people especially when they are a huge fan of Supernatural. GNW should be on a weekend, preferred late so people can watch movies on tv aswell. Supernatural is 10 times better GNW, no offence to everyone that likes GNW. Hopefully when they put on supernatural on without complications than having to be cut off again. Make it fair!

  2. Thank god for dvd recorders, as I can fast forward all the crap thats on before supernatural starts. Channel 10 wake up to yourselves if you don’t want to show it on at a more sensible time then hand it over to another network who knows what tv programming is all about. Channel 10 you suck.

  3. GNW is so much better than its last incarnation – they got rid of the lame Sandman, Flacco and musical acts that made you want to poke your eyes out (as you waited for the “game” to continue) and the writing is much better – closer to when it was on the ABC. So 1.5 hours, fine, but tell us in advance Ten, so we don’t miss Supernatural! And be consistent – GNW has run to about four different lengths so far this “season” (1hr, 1:10, 1:20 and now 1.30).

  4. It’s hilarious that some of you are whining and calling GNW a stupid show. I like SPN, but what do you call a show about hunting demons? It’s not exactly brain food. GNW has garnered a huge following since its beginnings on the ABC several years ago. I thought Ten would murder it this time around like they did when they stole the show in 2000, but this time around they seem to be doing it right. I think the show is hilarious and love tuning in every week. If you can’t stay up long enough to watch SPN, then perhaps your curfew indicates you’re too young to watch such a show anyway.

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