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Happy Oedipus

That Happy EOFYS Foxtel promo has had a little YouTube makeover. Apoloies to Sophocles.

foxtel-logo23That “Happy EOFYS” (End OF Financial Year Sale) promo enticing us to sign up for Foxtel is such a clever little thing created by Sydney agency Three Drunk Moneys.

In times of recession who doesn’t want to splurge on a little home entertainment in lieu of more expensive indulgences?

It’s even a little bit Happy Festivus.

But does the EOFYS acronym sound too similar to the Greek king who fulfilled a prohpecy to kill his father and ended up marrying his mother? Oedpipus was immortalised in a Greek tragedy by Sophocles long before this YouTube parody.

If you wind up with an EOFYS Complex from watching the ad, you’ll know why.

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