New girls join Satisfaction

camilleThere are two new faces joining the working girls of 232, or if you prefer, two new actresses for the third season of Satisfaction.

Season 3 began shooting today with Renai Caruso and Camille Keenan as new working girls ‘Tess’ and ‘Amy.’ Also joining the cast in guest roles are Grant Bowler (Lost, Ugly Betty, Border Security), Shane Connor (Dirt Game, Neighbours) and Danielle Carter (Underbelly, Something In The Air).

Camille Keenan (pictured) takes on the role of ‘Amy’, a veterinary science student and 232’s ‘youngest wildcard.’ She
has just finished shooting the lead in a NZ indie Lasting Notions, and her credits include small roles in James Cameron’s Avatar, and 30 Days of Night, starring John Hartnett and Melissa George. Camille starred in the lead in NZ indie feature Blackspot and was a semi-regular in The Insiders Guide to Love.

Renai Caruso plays ‘Tess’, a high-powered PA in the advertising industry who finds a surprising and confronting change of career and lifestyle at 232. Caruso is best known as Bec from Out Of The Blue and as Myreka from Ocean Girl III. Her feature film credits include roles in Unfinished Sky and Daybreakers.

Satisfaction recently received 5 nominations in the 49th Monte Carlo Television Festival Awards.

Kestie Morassi, Madeleine West, Dustin Clare and Sullivan Stapleton all received Most Outstanding Actor/Actress nominations in the TV Drama categories. Producers Andrew Walker and Roger Simpson were nominated for the Outstanding International Producer – Television Drama award alongside formidable company including peers from Mad Man, Spooks, Lost, The Tudors and Boston Legal.

The third season will premiere in December 2009 on the Showcase channel.


  1. Do we know if all the 5 girls & Sean are returning for s3?.

    So s3 will have 7 call giirls in s3.

    I hope that Shane Conner isn’t doing any bed scenes!

    I don’t if Liam Hemsworth will be in s3 as Mel’s young toy-boy bf, Marcus, depending on how long he’s filming a movie in the USA with Miley Cyrus.

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