Returning: East of Everything

Actor Nick Tate will enjoy something of a 'comeback' role playing the father of Richard Roxburgh in the second season of this ABC drama.

eoeActor Nick Tate will enjoy something of a ‘comeback’ with his role in the second series of the ABC’s East of Everything.

Tate has had plenty of guest roles over the years, in everything from Lost, Matlock, Murder She Wrote, Star Trek: Next Generation and Party of Five, but it’s been a long time since we have seen him in an ongoing role.

You would have to go back to shows such as Sons and Daughters, Holiday Island and Space: 1999 for some of his well-known regular roles. These days Tate is one of the busiest voice over actors in the biz, recording for Hollywood trailers from his home recording studio in Australia.

In the second season of East of Everything, Tate will play the rather amorous father of Richard Roxburgh’s character.

Roxburgh returns to the series along with first season principles Susie Porter, Tom Long and Gia Carides.

This time ABC smartly schedules the show on a Saturday night, from July 25th, in place of New Tricks. It should enjoy a bigger audience in that timeslot.

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  1. Am stoked that East of everything is coming back for a second series.
    I am definitely not a drama fan but i initialy watched it purely for the location and surf town vibe as i live just up the road on the gold coast.
    I was hooked by the fantastic parts all the cast played and they seemed more real than any of the soapies and whatnot currently on offer.
    Good on you abc for getting shows like this happening.

  2. I hope all the cast are returning! I saw Kathryn Beck pop up on All Saints last week, so it would be good if the quirky chick was back in S 2. This was solid Australian drama and a great curl up on Sunday night with a cuppa viewing.

  3. Hah! I’m just plowing through Space: 1999 at the moment! It’s so unusual to see a Australian character – let alone an Australian actor – in a science fiction show, and Tate was really good in it. I might have to check this show out at last!

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