Top 100 picked for Australian Idol

aiThe Top 100 in this year’s Australian Idol have all been getting the good news calls from FremantleMedia Australia producers.

They now have some decisions to make as to what songs to perform in order to proceed to the Top 24.

TV Tonight can reveal details of the Top 100 requirements specifies three rounds of singing, comprising an a-cappella, a ‘mystery challenge’ and a 90 second contestant-choice that best shows off their skills.

For this crucial stage of the competition, Idol allows for the use of instruments, but bans original material.

Selected songs must be “a hit from the last 30 years.”

Licensing requirements with APRA prohibits the changing of lyrics or song parodies. Some artists such as Missy Higgins and John Butler Trio compositions are noted as being extremely difficult in allowing their songs to be performed.

For the a-cappella sing-off, contestants are expected to have 3 songs prepared, consisting of 2 up tempo songs and 1 mid/ballad song.

For their final sing-off, Australian Idol arrangers write arrangements from MP3s submitted by Top 100 contestants for performance, which thereby requires contestants to lock in their first, second and third song choices by next Monday. In the bid for a place in the Top 24, producers will determine whether contestants get to sing their first choice or not.

FremantleMedia advises those who are in the Top 100, “We strongly recommend you have a repertoire of popular songs up your sleeve and be prepared to use them at any time.”

The show is expected to launch as MasterChef Australia concludes.


  1. apparently, jamilla goes to my school, well probably doesnt now cause shes in the top 24 lol so thats awesome! representing our school and the area xD ggoo jamillaaaa!

  2. Apparently one of my old school friends is in the top 100… it was in our local newspaper… but I wouldnt believe that crap… half of it is just crap writing…

  3. I really hope we get an Adam Lambert too. Lets hope the producers/judges realise this is what Australian Idol needs. Real talent like Adam!!!

  4. I Really hope that this year’s Idol, there’s no Wildcard and during the Semi-Finals 2 of each gender are voted off until the top 12 is Revealed.

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