ABC’s Cook & Chef close up the kitchen

5Just as the nation shows it is hooked on cooking, ABC’s foodies, Maggie Beer and Simon Bryant have announced the end of The Cook and The Chef.

The show, which airs 6:30pm Wednesdays, has been on air with the ABC for 154 programs over four years.

Maggie Beer said, “The demands of filming on my family and business have led me to the difficult decision to leave the show. It’s been a privilege for me to have been able to share my passion for food with Simon and our audience. It always gives me joy when I feel I have inspired people to explore the wonderful produce that Australia has to offer.”

Bryant added: “When I started the show I had no idea that my journey with Maggie about the love of food would teach me so much, and I’ll miss the camaraderie of our days in the kitchen together.

“I have to laugh when people call me a celebrity chef, I don’t think people realize that I have a whole other life, coordinating 800 or so meals a day as an Executive Chef at a 5 Star hotel. I am looking forward to spending a bit more time back in my kitchens…and getting a little more sleep will be a bonus!”

Executive Producer Margot Phillipson expressed admiration and a great respect for the pair. “Maggie and Simon’s friendship, passion, and unprecedented generosity in sharing their food knowledge have become the trademarks of the program.

The final show will air on Wednesday September 16, as a special behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Cook and The Chef, culminating in a farewell party at Maggie’s home.

The end of the show comes at a time when MasterChef taps into a resurgence of interest in cooking television. Earlier this year Nine also discontinued Fresh!


  1. Accidently found out today January 27th 2o11 the show was finishing, as my hubby and i were watching the show , although old episodes. got a bit of a shock, but can understand as both very busy. used to love when they tasted the foods, used to make me so hungry and feel hungry myself. god bless and take care both of you

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