Afternoon of tension

adYesterday’s edition of THIS afternoon was its most interesting all week, but not for the right reasons.

After a day of making headlines, news presenter Mark Ferguson looked intent on getting on with the job -a strategy he graciously maintained even after his demotion last January.

But co-host Andrew Daddo could not resist referring to the elephant in the room.

“It’s been announced today that we have lost yet another icon, sad news, and we will talk about it a little bit later in the programme,” said Daddo. But it wasn’t to be.

The eye contact between Daddo and Ferguson was certainly uncomfortable to watch when the show began.

For his part, Ferguson was focussed on simply reading the day’s news.

But Daddo tried several times to goad Ferguson on his future exit from Nine.

“Any other news you’d like to….?” he prodded.

“No other news at this stage,” answered Ferguson. “I’ll get back to you.”

mf1At the end of the show, a cheeky Daddo tried a final time. As Ferguson finished his final bulletin with “… that’s the news for the working week,” Daddo asked: “Is that the last news?”

“That’s it for today. Back Monday with a bit more.”

“Oh you will be back Monday?” checked Daddo.

And that’s where Nine wrapped up the first week of THIS afternoon

…..which was VERY entertaining.


  1. Thank you!

    That moment was actually my first glimpse of this awful, awful show (as I was waiting for Hot Seat). Gosh, that was uncomfortable. To paraphrase the late Kerry Packer… “get this s*t off the air!”

  2. Would be good if there was a YouTube link – I can’t find any… (People must be sensible and not bothering uploading such rubbish ;))

  3. i think THISafternoon could actually be a good, enjoyable show if it was changed a bit. the chemistry is nowhere near up to tv standard there are so many awkward moments. i think it’s mainly because of daddo. he just sits there like an idiot rarely contributes to discussion and then as soon as he opens his mouth he interupts, cuts people off, contradicts, says something stupid, and then goes back into his shell. but katrina, mark, the reporter and the gossip girl are great.

  4. They’re doing exactly what I said they would do and are attempting to make him look as silly and unprofessional as possible so he leaves Channel 9 as damaged goods with less credibility. But good on Mark for being able to see the game and rise above it. Looks like it’s backfired Nine…

  5. didn’t see the ep but going by your description sounds as if daddo was being very immature and unprofessional, but it sound as if Ferguson didn’t take the bait and was very professional about it going by what you have said.

  6. Dearie me, Mr Daddo does seem to have been in a rather catty mood.

    I feel sorry for Mark as he will have another 4 months of this until he leaves in October.

    But then again – maybe that’ll make this rather bland afternoon show worth watching until then – if it lasts that long??

  7. It was so funny. Excellent TV!

    Go Daddo. He finally gets a decent TV role (eventhough THIS afternoon isn’t that great), and now the strongest presenter on that show is leaving. If THISafternoon is still around by October, they need to find a decent newsreader with an excellent personality, which Mark lacks.

    Let’s hope this fued lasts until October. It’ll make great TV.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Nine News was the highest ratings news program by October?

  8. Ho hum. I can’t help but comment after reading about Andrew Daddo’s taunts at Mark Ferguson.
    I think Ch 7 are on to a good move with Ferguson and I wish him well at 7.
    Perhaps it’s me but I just can’t cop Andrew Daddo, never liked his smart comments and avoid any shows he appears in.

  9. As if Daddo can say anything… he defected from Seven, didn’t he?
    Maybe he should have been a bit more sure of what he signed up for though before jumping networks.. 20 to 1 here he comes..

  10. Im sorry, but Andrew Daddo should get his arse kicked for that, it was cringeworthy to watch, Mark Ferguson has given the best part of 20 years to nine and has been a consumate professional the whole time, for a talentless ring in like Andre Daddo, who in terms of ratings look set to last about a fortnight, to goade him like that was totally unacceptable

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