Airdate: Go Girls

ggUnderbelly‘s Anna Hutchison and Sea Patrol’s Jay Ryan will soon be seen on Channel TEN in the New Zealand drama, Go Girls.

They are joined by Alix Bushnell and Bronwyn Turei.

The series centres around four adult friends, Amy, Britta, Cody and Kevin, who live on the North Shore, Auckland. Dissatisfied with their lives, they make challenging promises to each other that they endeavour to fulfill throughout the series.

The show was created by Rachel Lang (Outrageous Fortune) and Gavin Strawhan.

The thirteen part series from TVNZ has also been approved to a second series.

Episode One: Amy, Britta and Cody are three young women suffering their quarter century crisis: 25 and what have they achieved? They vow that in one year they’ll each fulfil their ambition. Their mate-since-childhood Kevin, reckons its going to be a bit of an ask.

It premieres on TEN at 10pm Friday August 7th.


  1. This is a fantastic show!
    I saw a couple of episodes in NZ earlier in the year & the first 4 episodes on a flight back from NZ.
    It’s great to have it on Australian tv but the timeslot is dreadful – deserves a much better slot. I hope people tune in to this!

  2. I was hoping to see Anna Hutchison in season 3 of Satisfaction as Tippi’s replacement, she would have been such a natural choice………..

  3. This is good but I would rather Ten play Outrageous Fortune season 4 (even though I have already seen it and its on DVD) people are missing out on a great show!

    I bet they only bought this because the Underbelly chick is in it.

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