Ditch Davey enters Summer Bay

Ditch Davey appears in Home and Away tonight in a recurring role as a neurosurgeon.

Ditch Davey appears in Home and Away tonight in a recurring role as neurosurgeon Dr Christian Green.

Davey is well-known to viewers from such shows as Blue Heelers, Spartacus, Sea Patrol, Harrow and The Gloaming.

Here’s the description of his Summer Bay character….

He is a miracle worker. He’s God-like in what he can do and yes, it means he genuinely believes he knows best. He has to. People’s lives depend on it. He needs his patients to feel confident that he can get them through their darkest hours.

Christian arrives in the Bay to consult on Justin’s (James Stewart) spinal tumour diagnosis. Justin’s sister, Tori, (Penny McNamee) is the head of emergency medicine at Northern Districts Hospital and has called him in because he’s the best in the business.

Tori has always been unlucky in love and now that she’s a single mother, she doesn’t really see romance as an option for her. Could there be a sizzle between the two talented doctors?

Only time will tell…

7pm on Seven

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  1. Ditch Davey is gorgeous and is great as the new love interest for Tori. Long time coming since Ash left the Bay and previously the other doctor who disappeared that she was in love with. Ditch has a very sexy voice, and is just dreamy. Hope he stays on H&A.

  2. Just came in to check if half of Summer Bay were going to come down with a virus that causes spontaneous brain damage (though that’s probably something that 80s Dynasty would have done, complete with stunt double for Joan Collins’s spasms, and everyone would have inexplicably recovered).

    I miss the soaps of old.

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