Airdate: Michael Jackson in Concert

Updated: More last minute programming changes. Nine adds Jacko's 'Dangerous' concert in Bucharest and Seven adds more to 7HD.

mjaAnd still the last minute programming changes built around Michael Jackson keep coming. Even after his Memorial is over.

Nine has just added the 1992 Live In Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour to its schedule for tonight from 9pm. That means from 7pm it has a repeat of The Michael Jackson Memorial Concert at 7pm followed by this concert until 11pm. On the back of Jackson in Nine News and A Current Affair it will be, umm, blanket coverage (sorry, second time I’ve used that gag).

Of course Seven has its own big night with an extended Seven News and coverage in Today Tonight with Living with Michel Jackson also set for 10pm. 7HD also repeats the Michael Jackson Memorial Concert commercial free from 7-9pm followed by Michael Jackson: The Last Time from 9pm.

Tonight’s Cold Case episode is out as is RPA.

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  1. Andrew: Thanks, i personally don’t care, never really liked MJ much, but i was supposed to tape it for my girlfriend, but buggered it up, and she is a big fan. So unless i get it i may have to face her wrath (and thankfully i did source it) 🙂

    I did watch the bucarest concert and it was pretty good, he was a great showman unlike most that just stand and sing with a little prancing about. There were quite a few passed out fans/fans carried off by security during it though.

  2. Everyone that is complaining the Free to Air networks are going over board or have been soaking up the rewards of his death, seriously, why are you complaining???

    Millions loved the guy and what he achieved in his life, regardless of the issues beyond his creative genius. So yes people will watch these specials or concerts until we lose the next iconic personality in this life of consumption.

    So if you’re not happy with the networks, you have options… switch off the box, call foxtel or go to bed. We all have a right to share our opinions, however the media will milk these opportunities until everyone is over it, that’s what life in the spotlight gets these people.

    btw The Live in Bucharest Concert was brilliant.

  3. MAX’s version of the Bucharest concert was definitely 16:9. Why hasn’t anyone shown Moonwalker yet, that is a film that simultaneously shows off the sheer greatness and bizarre excess of Michael Jackson in one fell swoop!

    As for two good LPs thirty years ago – try three Great LPs (Thriller, Bad, Dangerous) and several great songs either side of those as well.

  4. @craig – The concert was filmed in 4:3 (well that is wat the dvd is released as) so the only way to make it 16:9 is to stretch it…..and that is wat Nine have done tonight…. Looks stupid….. Quiet a lot of the concert Michaels head wasnt even in shot…… Leave it the way it was filmed 🙁

  5. The concert 7 screened on Monday was definitely an edited version. Not that it really matters, as it seemed like MJ was lip synching his vocals in the bit I saw, although I could be wrong.

  6. @victor, yes I am surprised that none of the channels have re-aired one of his Australian concerts yet in amongst all this.

    @Dr Rudi just two good albums, 30 years ago? Michael Jackson fever only hit me when Dangerous came out and that was in the 90s.

  7. I’m fairly certain the 16:9 version on Max was letterboxed. Why doesn’t Nine stop showing these bs specials and put on some actual music related programs? His 1996 Sydney concert would be great to see again,

  8. It’s good that Channel 7 will air the Michael Jackson memorial and specials on their HD channel, freeing up the standard channel for their normal programming – its a wise decision, though please make this the last Jackson Night because many programs are being pushed back and even though some may never tire of the Jackson Nights, many others may be over it. Channel 9, of course, are showing that they have the best and extensive coverage, at the cost of normal programming, and a vie for viewers.

  9. Well so much for Seven showing ‘MJ The Last Time’ in full last night. They showed an edited 1 hr version the night before then said they would replay the full concert from 12.50am and barely got past halfway through then cut away from it to show the hearse driving down a freeway for the next half an hour …

    now it is only going to be repeated on 7HD when it hasn’t even been shown in full yet on the normal SD channel…

  10. Congrats to 7 HD for screening tonights event commercial free.

    Feel sorry for people like me who set their PVR (or Tivo or Foxtel IQ) to record the final TGYH on 7 HD only to find out later that it is only on Seven.

    At least I can change my PVR when I get home tonight. Other people won’t probably know about it until it’s too late.

  11. Now this is what they should have done in place of the tripe known as “what really happened”. Should have supplemented it earlier with their “king of pop” special (minus Richard & Karl).

    I’d be interested to see what they edit out of broadcast, being that the concert itself has a 2hour (approx) running time and i doubt Nine would go commercial free.

    Would have been good if they chose to air the HIStory concert in Sydney (depending on if they had the rights to do so, of course).

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