Oops. “We seem to have lost our cameras”

When studio cameras decide to go for a bit of a wander...

Seven News Sydney last night fell victim to automated cameras having a mind of their own, during a lovely story about Bluey‘s honour in London.

“We seem to have lost cameras there,” anchor Mark Ferguson told viewers. “So we’ll go to a break and we’ll be back very soon.”

The new Seven News studio at Eveleigh, like many others around the country, now uses cameras controlled by remote from the control room.

2 Responses

  1. Even more bizarre is that the rogue camera was on-air for 12 seconds before someone or something figured out what to do. Another example of how automation is money saving and wonderful until it decides to go haywire.

  2. I’ve seen cameras moving before mid-read but not this instance where the automation system has bailed out of the story early to a moving camera. Bizarre. Hopefully the makeup artist doesn’t sue.

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